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Security authorities in Belgium have arrested five teenagers after they gang-raped a 14-year-old girl, prompting her to commit suicide only four days after the crime.

Meeting a friend in a cemetery ended with the gang rape of a teenage girl

According to the newspaper (The Independent), the crime occurred on May 14, when the girl agreed to meet a friend of hers at a cemetery in the city of Ghent in Belgium.

The gang rape incident occurred in a cemetery in the Belgian city of Ghent

But four other young men joined in, and the five gang-raped her and took photos and videos of the crime.

Local media reported that the five defendants had posted the photos on the Internet and posted them on social networking sites.

The suicide of a girl raped in a cemetery in Belgium
The suicide of a girl raped in a cemetery in Belgium

(her world collapses)

In an interview with Het Nieuwsblad, the girl’s father said: “The pictures that spread online were the straw that broke the camel’s back, and pushed my daughter to suicide.”

He continued: (Her whole world collapsed because of what she was exposed to).

The Belgian police arrested the five defendants after identifying them from the photos. Two of them are aged 18 and 19, while the rest are underage minors.

The suspects are scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday.

Two adults and three minors

Prosecutors in the city of Ghent, which witnessed the heinous crime, confirmed the arrest of two adults and three minors in connection with events that occurred shortly before the victim committed suicide.

However, they refused to comment on reports that an investigation had been opened into rape and indecent assault, recording and publishing harmful photos of the victim.

The town official, Gavir, said he knew the victim personally and was shocked by the case.

He continued in an interview with Het Laatste Nieuws: “You cannot think or imagine that something like this could happen in your town.”

Belgium politicians interact

The case sparked strong reactions from Belgian politicians, who pledged to take measures to prevent sexual assault images from being published online.

Belgium’s Minister of Foreign Affairs for Equality, Sarah Schlitz, said distributing such images on social media is not only intolerable, but also completely illegal. Nor should that be possible.

“My team will meet with representatives of social media companies to discuss modifying their policies regarding such events,” Schlitz added.

The Belgian Minister of Justice, Vincent van Quekenborn, described what happened as horrific, and wrote on his Twitter account: (Words cannot express).

Vincent called on victims of sexual violence to file complaints, stressing that help is available and that the judicial system will do its utmost to find and punish perpetrators who spread sexual assault images.

While an expert in the field of gender equality, Lisbet Stevens, confirmed in an interview with (VRT News), that the assault suffered by the victim is not a rare case, expressing regret for that.

Stevens noted that about 200 cases of gang rape are reported in Belgium each year.

Facebook’s policy against sexual content

And the company (Facebook) announced years ago the use of new and innovative tools in its social network, to facilitate the issue of informing users of what is called (vengeful sex).

Facebook confirmed at the time that these new tools were an improved attempt to prevent the spread of images of this kind again after being banned on the network.

Revenge sex refers to the exchange of sexually explicit images on the Internet, without the consent of those who appear in the images.

This practice affects women who are sometimes targeted by their ex-partners.

Facebook’s decision came at the time after a group of Prime Time Zone filed several lawsuits against the company in the United States of America, in which they said that the company should have made a greater effort to prevent such practices.

And (Facebook) responded in a statement published that it will show users the option to report inappropriate photos, under the heading (Nude Picture of Me), which enables users to quickly report and block photos.

The company indicated in its statement that it will also launch an automatic process to prevent the repeated sharing of banned images, as the company has developed a program to match images, by preventing the appearance of images that were previously banned by the site’s administration.
New Facebook rules have also appeared in the section on sexual seduction, stating that you can use the platform to discuss issues of harassment and sexual violence, but not to encourage sexual contact between adults.

The new rules published by Facebook included a complete list of things that cannot now be posted on the platform, including graphic sexual activities, erotic dances, pampering sessions, chats and more.

The list also included phrases that Facebook users should not use or post, such as “I want to have a good time tonight.”

It also prohibits the use of colloquial slang that includes allusions, innuendos and scenarios of physical attraction, and prohibits the publication of hand-drawn or digital content that displays external activity and situations.

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