8 insurance companies compete to win the ambulance workers’ policy, with a total of 1.8 billion pounds


“Misr Insurance”, “Misr Takaful”, “Tharwa” and “Al-Mohandes” are the most prominent competitors


Eight insurance companies are competing to win the tender recently put forward by the Ambulance Authority to secure paramedics and drivers working for the Authority.

An insurance source closely related to the “tender” revealed that the list of companies that submitted their technical and financial offers to win the tender includes “Tharwa Insurance”, “Misr Insurance”, “Delta Insurance”, “Al-Mohandes Insurance” and “Egyptian Takaful Insurance – properties and responsibilities “Misr Takaful Insurance – Property and Liabilities” in addition to “Misr Life Insurance” and “Suez Canal Insurance”.

According to the source, the document secures 18,000 ambulance staff, distributed between paramedics and drivers, with total insurance amounts of 1.8 billion pounds.

According to the source, the authority is scheduled to open the technical envelopes of the companies competing to win the tender to test the best offers submitted to win the tender.

According to the tender’s terms of reference, of which the Stock Exchange obtained a copy, the document covers the personal accidents of the authority’s employees at a value of 100,000 pounds in cases of death and permanent total disability, while the temporary and permanent partial disability is covered by a percentage of the total amount insured according to the percentage of disability.

The policy also covers the risks of exposure of the Authority’s employees to terrorist incidents without a maximum coverage limit.

The “Ambulance” is a service organization. In addition to the fleet of cars, the Authority owns 11 boats that cover the navigational course of the Nile from Qanatir al-Khairia to Aswan, to respond quickly to emergencies in places that ambulances cannot reach, such as the Nile islands.

The article was written in Al Borsa newspaper, 8 insurance companies competing to win the ambulance workers policies with a total value of 1.8 billion pounds.