A $ 25 million grant from the World Bank to support Palestine’s efforts to confront Corona


The World Bank announced its approval of a new grant of $ 25 million to support the efforts of Palestinian municipalities to confront the repercussions of the Corona pandemic.

According to the Palestinian News Agency (WAFA), the World Bank announced this in a statement it issued today, where it agreed to provide a grant of $ 15 million to help Palestinian municipalities continue providing vital services and providing job opportunities for families whose income was affected by the Corona crisis.

The statement added that the Trust Fund for the Palestinian Partnership for Infrastructure Development, which is managed by the World Bank, will provide additional funding from donors in the amount of $ 10 million to finance the third phase of the municipal development project.

He continued, “The additional grants will support the implementation of urgent response activities to the Corona crisis within the municipalities by expanding the provision of support through the third project for developing municipalities that is being implemented.”

He explained that this grant “supports the provision of public utilities in cases of emergency, and the financing of recurrent costs to municipalities to ensure the continuity of necessary services. The additional financing will increase the financial resources needed to implement labor-intensive public works that will enable municipalities to continue providing services and providing job opportunities with a focus on gender equality.

The grant also includes providing technical assistance to municipalities to enhance their response to natural disasters and shocks, and strengthen their resilience at the local level.

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The article, 25 million dollars, a grant from the World Bank to support Palestine’s efforts to confront Corona was written in Al-Borsa newspaper.