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A beauty clinic in the UAE blackmails a Moroccan model with her own pictures to force her into this | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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A Moroccan model was exposed to blackmail by a beauty clinic in the UAE, after threatening to publish an offensive picture of her on the internet.

Body sculpting process

And the beginning was, according to what was reported by the local English-language newspaper “The National”, when the adult Moroccan model succumbed. From 30 years old, to a body sculpting procedure at a cosmetic clinic in Sharjah.

The famous model, who has more than a million followers through the “Instagram” application, signed a contract with the same clinic to use her photos for advertising marketing.

After the Moroccan model’s contract expired, the beauty clinic’s marketing director offered her another contract to continue advertising, but the model refused.

American number threatening supermodel

The Moroccan model was surprised, after a period of her refusal, with a message from an American phone number, who threatened her with publishing special photos of her that were taken. Before and after surgery, if you don’t pay seven thousand dollars.

The Moroccan model decided to file a lawsuit against the marketing director, after she saw pictures of her published on the director’s Instagram and Snapchat account.

The model said in the lawsuit that the marketing director posted her private photos and insulted her online, claiming that she had relationships with celebrities.

The clinic’s marketing director publishes the photos

The court charged the beauty clinic’s marketing director with violating the privacy of the Moroccan model, threatening and extortion.

The Marketing Director denied all charges against her, and justified that the photos that were published were after the written consent of the model. Accordingly, the director was acquitted at the end of last year.

But the Moroccan model appealed the ruling in January, and the manager was found guilty of violating privacy and extortion. And sending pictures of the model to someone in the United States, who was used to threaten the model.

Do not remember my name!

The Sharjah Appeals Court decided to compensate the Moroccan model 21,000 dirhams (equivalent to $ 5,753), and was fined. Marketing Director, the amount of 50 thousand dirhams (equivalent to 13,700 dollars).

The name of the clinic was not mentioned in the court documents, and the model also requested that her name not be mentioned in order to avoid the scandal and Prime Time Zone searching for her pictures on the Internet.

The Emirates warns its citizens

In another context, the Abu Dhabi Police in the Emirates issued a few days ago a warning to parents about the accounts they said were “secret” for their teenage children. Through social networking sites.

Police said the children were circumventing family control with secret accounts, for immoral purposes. Warn families of neglect. Monitor their children when using the internet.

The police indicated that many of the teenagers made accounts on social networking sites to close their families.

Noting that it is imperative that parents keep track of their children. This is to protect them from the electronic blackmail that many teenagers have fallen into.

Abu Dhabi Police continued by saying that “there are Prime Time Zone impersonating girls and luring their victims with certain pictures and phrases, with the aim of blackmailing them later.”

Abu Dhabi Police added that “extortion operations usually begin with emotional words, advising families not to be distracted by their children.” Family advocate. To ensure that they are protected from the dangers of bullying, threats, harassment and sharing of photos.

The UAE police stressed the need to warn the girls against sharing and publishing their photos and videos on social media.

Emirati waiter secretly filming girls

And Emirati media had previously revealed that a 27-year-old Emirati waiter took advantage of his residence in a shared residence by filming girls surreptitiously to snoop on them.

The local newspaper “Al-Bayan” said at the time that the waiter had put his cell phone on after operating the camera in different places in the aforementioned apartment.

The newspaper also indicated that the investigations revealed that the person is an Emirati.

He used to place cameras under the roof of the bathroom and under the room doors.

According to the testimony of a victimized girl, she said that she saw a phone under the door of her room after she left the bathroom in the morning.

A specialized African gang

Among the crimes of extortion that was reported by Al-Emarat Al-Youm newspaper, when an African gang lured an Arab resident with an advertisement for a service. A private massage by a beautiful European woman, and then something happened that he had not guessed and was blackmailed to discover that he had fallen into a trap.

According to what the newspaper reported at the time, the massage advertisement was published on one of the social networks, and when the man arrived at the place, he was surprised by a different African woman waiting for him, then dragged him into the apartment.

That woman stripped her of her clothes, and was photographed with her in various positions, to blackmail him and force him to disclose his bank card information. They stole 500 dirhams from him under duress, in addition to another 15,000 dirhams they withdrew from his bank account.

The victim said during the Public Prosecution investigations that he had seen an advertisement for a massage center on a social media network. Then contact the number listed in the advertisement, and send the person who answered him the address of the center in one of the JLT.

He added that the door to the apartment was open, and when he entered, he was surprised by the defendants closing it behind him, and an African woman appeared, and the defendants threatened him with weapons they had.

The woman also stripped her of her clothes, sat on his leg, and they photographed him in this position, threatening him to publish the pictures as soon as he informed the police. Then they forced him to disclose his bank card information, and one of them went to withdraw the money.

Then they returned her to him, and allowed him to leave, after repeated threats to publish the pictures if he had taken the initiative to report, pointing out that he called the police and got to know the accused. When they brought him in a diagnostic queue.

For his part, a Dubai police witness said that the accused were arrested in another similar incident, and the victim, whom he knew all of them, was summoned. Noting that they confessed to committing several thefts in the same criminal method.

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