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A campaign of arrests in Jordan after the increase in demonstrations calling for the departure of the regime | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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Since yesterday, Jordan has been witnessing a massive mass arrest campaign against the demonstrators who have been continuing the street movement since last week, in protest against the regime’s policies after the Salt Hospital incident ignited the fuse.

In this context, the “Jordan Net” Twitter account reported that dozens of Prime Time Zone had been arrested in “Amman, Mafraq and Madaba.”

And the account published in his tweet, which (Watan) monitored pictures of the detention cells and the demonstrators inside them.

He named the account among those arrested, Abd al-Rahman Shdeifat, and said that other young men were arrested with him.

Video clips also spread of the deployment of security forces on the streets of Jordan and the violent pursuit of demonstrators.

Protests and arrests

Today, Wednesday, the protesters tried to regroup at the Dakhiliya roundabout, amid an attempt to prevent the protesters from gathering and confiscate each other’s phones to prevent the live broadcast.

The “Al-Urduniya” account also published pictures from detention cells in Mafraq, which showed the mass arrests of protesters.

Another clip highlighted the circulation of the Jordanian security forces’ arrest of dozens near the Dakhiliya roundabout.

As well as intense security deployment in Irbid and the closure of places of protest.

Dozens arrested

The human rights account criticized the arrest campaigns against peaceful demonstrators, and said: “This is how Jordanians protested today as part of the measures to prevent Corona. Thus, the security services placed them in detention cells without any regard for safety measures and prevention of Corona.

The same account also posted a video clip that showed a security officer in civilian clothes hiding, and how he dealt with protesters.

Among those arrested were Alaa Malkawi, Malik Abu Orabi, Jamil Al Hajjaj, Ali Al Braizat, Sabri Al Masha’leh, Abdul Tawahia, and Abd Al Rahman Khalaf.

As well as Issa Mallu Al-Ain, Abdul-Rahman Shdeifat, Abu Rashid Alimat, and Maan Al-Muqaba, Ahmad Al-Shekhaibi, Maflih Al-Fellah, and Inhraat Sanduqah. Naim Abu Jordania, Saad Al-Alawin, Salem Al-Ajami, and Omar Al-Adayleh, according to Jordan Net.

Salt Hospital crisis and the demand for the departure of King Abdullah

Several days ago, the Jordanian journalist and writer Basil Rafaya launched a violent attack on the Jordanian authorities, in conjunction with the state of anger. Against the Jordanian King Abdullah II, which demanded his departure following the Al-Salt Hospital disaster and the crises that preceded it.

And last week, I present Protesters in Jordan, to challenge the imposition of the curfew imposed due to the Corona epidemic, for the second consecutive day. In the wake of the Salt Hospital incident, demonstrations demanded the departure of the government.

Basil Rafayaah said in a tweet to him on his official account (Watan) monitored: “Hard days for the country. 3 Jordanians die every hour. Many are arrested daily, for crying out against oppression and hunger. ”

Basil Rafayaa, attacking the ruling regime, continued: “The alliance of cruelty becomes stronger, between an authority that has violated all its contracts with the Prime Time Zone, and a pandemic in which the dead crowded in cemeteries. They also crowded alive in elections that spread the epidemic and doubled funerals, and the air became scarce as hope.

Videos monitored by “Watan” showed hundreds of Jordanians in night demonstrations to demand the departure of the Jordanian government. Which failed in its beginnings and witnessed many resignations during the past weeks.

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