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Activists on the communication site launched a campaign that received wide interaction, calling on the occupation authorities to release the leading prisoner in the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Khaleda Jarrar, in order to bury and bid farewell to her daughter Suha, who died suddenly of a severe heart attack.

The hashtag “#Freedom_for Khaleda_Jarrar” topped the list of the most popular hashtags on Twitter, and thousands of calls from activists spread through it to pressure the occupation and release Khaleda Jarrar, who has two months in prison.

Khaleda Jarrar

Activists circulated pictures of demonstrators standing in front of Ofer prison now, to demand the release of the leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

The Palestinian police had announced that the body of the girl, Suha Jarrar, had been found in an apartment near the Palestine Medical Complex in Ramallah, yesterday evening, Sunday.

She confirmed that the security services opened an investigation to determine the circumstances of the death.

For its part, the Jarrar family announced the death of Suha Jarrar naturally, noting that she was suffering from previous diseases.

The family’s statement said that the “initial diagnosis” indicated that “the cause of death was an acute heart attack, knowing that she had previously suffered from some minor diseases and symptoms.”

The call for this campaign calling for the release of Khaleda Jarrar stated, “Instead of recognizing that the leading fighter and former member of the Legislative Council Khaleda Jarrar will not bid farewell to her daughter Suha, whose death was announced, and Jarrar has been in the prisons of the occupation for nearly two years, and she is supposed to end her ruling within two months, let us work locally and internationally to put the necessary pressure on the occupation prison administration to release Jarrar at the earliest date so that she can bid her farewell to her daughter, and exercise her most basic human rights.”

She concluded by saying, “Khaleda has the right to participate in the funeral ceremonies for her daughter’s body.”

The activists called on all Arab countries and international institutions to pressure the Israeli occupation to release MP Jarrar and enable her to bid farewell to her daughter Suha.

For its part, the Popular Front called “with more sadness and sorrow, its political office, its central committee and all its members in the homeland and the diaspora, comrade Suha Jarrar, daughter of the captive leader Khaleda Jarrar “Umm Jaffa” and the fighter Ghassan Jarrar.”

In turn, the Front launched today, Monday, a campaign to release the captive Khaleda Jarrar from the occupation prisons, locally and internationally, so that she can attend her daughter’s body and pay a farewell look.

In a statement, the Front called for the necessity of “forming a campaign of pressure locally and internationally against the administration of the occupation prisons to release Jarrar at the earliest date so that she can bid farewell to her daughter Suha, and exercise her most basic human rights.”

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She stressed that the prisoner, Jarrar, has the right to participate in her daughter’s funeral.

She added, “Jarar has been in the occupation prisons for nearly two years, and she is supposed to end her sentence within two months.”

For its part, the Palestinian Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners Affairs Authority said that legal and institutional efforts are being made to immediately release the prisoner Jarrar, to enable her to pay a final farewell to her daughter Suha.

Who is Khaleda Jarrar?

Khaleda Jarrar is a Palestinian politician and left-wing feminist activist, a member of the political bureau of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, and a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council on the front. According to Wikipedia

She is active in the field of defending human rights, especially the rights of Palestinian prisoners.

She headed the Addameer Foundation for the care of prisoners and detainees.

Khaleda Jarrar was born on February 9, 1963

She was elected to the Legislative Council in January 2006 and is one of three representatives of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and has continued to serve as an elected representative since then.

She is also the Palestinian representative in the Council of Europe, currently chairing the prisoners’ committee in the Palestinian Legislative Council. She played a major role in promoting Palestine’s application to join the International Criminal Court.

The Israeli authorities arrested her several times, administrative detentions without any charges being brought. An Israeli military court charged her with “incitement and involvement in terrorism” and sentenced her to 15 months in prison, six of which she served before being released after an international campaign in her favour.

Even as of May 2021, Khaleda remains in administrative detention after Israeli forces arrested her from her home in Ramallah in late October 2019.

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