A cooperation protocol between “Electronics Research” and “Salamtex Textiles”


Dr. Sherine Muharram, Acting Head of the Electronics Research Institute, affiliated with the Ministry of Scientific Research, signed a cooperation protocol with Hani Salam, the official commissioner of Salamtex Textiles Company, to develop the textile and clothing industry.

Moharram said that the agreement comes in light of the rapid development in all fields of the electronics industry, as the institute works to support Egyptian industries and all their applications based on research and development in the field of electronics and information technology.

She explained that the protocol aims to contribute to the development of research and measurements in the common areas between the textile and microwave industries, and to cooperate in order to manufacture antennas, components and conduction paths integrated on the fabric by embroidering with threads with good electrical conductivity in order to develop “wearable devices” technology.

The protocol signed on an agreement includes cooperation in quality control operations and discovering errors in textile manufacturing processes through digital processing of images taken for the various production stages, in addition to cooperation in introducing RFID systems to monitor products stored in the company’s warehouses and determine their various data such as production history. The types of materials used in the weaving and the number of meters in each loom, in addition to the design and manufacture of automatic control circuits to link the movement of the loom with the required shapes, as well as the software needed for that.

Hani Salam, the official representative of Salamtex Textiles Company, said that the company has specialized for two decades in the production of protective technical textiles used in the medical and defense sectors. .

Dr. Mohamed Abdel Salam, head of the Chamber of Ready Made Garments and Furniture Industry in the Federation of Industries, said that the protocol helps the factory increase the quality of products and reduce manufacturing error rates to the lowest degrees, thus reducing wastage rates in the manufacturing process, and the development of a statistical system for raw materials in stores gives the company a comprehensive view of its needs. And contract them without the risk of suddenly running out of some raw materials.


The article was a cooperation protocol between “Electronics Research” and “Salamtex Textiles” written in Al Borsa newspaper.