A dance party in Kuwait on New Year’s Eve ignites widespread anger: hugs and mingling! | A nation is tweeting out of tune


A dance party held at a hotel in the State of Kuwait on the occasion of the New Year celebration caused a sensation, which prompted the Kuwaiti government to intervene immediately.

A rolling clip of the ceremony showed a large gathering of men and girls in a hotel hall, while some of them appeared dancing and hugging each other to the sounds of songs and music.

“They violated order and decency.”

Immediately after the clip was circulated, the spokesman for the Ministry of Information, Anwar Murad, announced that the ministry had detected legal violations in a hotel related to holding concerts without a legal permit.

She stated that the violation and those in charge of it are being referred to the Public Prosecution for violating the order and morals.

She emphasized that the Ministry of Information, in cooperation with the official authorities in the country, is keen to implement laws and preserve public morals.

For his part, Deputy in the Kuwaiti National Assembly, Salman Al-Hulaileh, called on the Ministry of Interior to hold accountable those responsible for such parties that are not accepted by Sharia and are not among the customs of the Prime Time Zone of Kuwait. like he said

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