A famous account reveals how Bin Salman watches the Saudis and monitors the details of their lives! | A nation is tweeting out of tune


The Saudi “New Testament” account revealed serious details about the two programs “Trust us and reassure”, which were launched by Saudi Arabia last year for Saudi citizens, stressing that these programs are used to spy on citizens’ phones.

Trust us and be assured

The New Testament said in a tweet monitored by “Watan”: “You trust us and be reassured, two spy applications, which have been specially programmed to monitor the movement of citizens and access to their phones, messages, pictures, etc., (data is permitted).

The famous Saudi account added: “We advise Prime Time Zone to use two devices to maintain their privacy and information, a mobile phone in which government applications are loaded (only), and the second for normal use and communication.”

The Ministry of Health launched the Tawakolna program

The Saudis use the Tawakalna program after it was officially approved by the Saudi Ministry of Health under the pretext of limiting the spread of the new Corona virus, as it was developed by the National Information Center, claiming that it provides a large number of information directly.

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According to Saudi health claims, the application contributes to the early detection of suspected cases of infection with the Coronavirus, and was also used to activate permits for citizens and residents of the Kingdom to go out in times of curfew before the ban was canceled.

Reassured application

As for the “Tatman” application, the Saudi Ministry of Health launched the “Tatman” application several months ago, claiming to enhance prevention of the Coronavirus and limit its spread, claiming that the application aims to provide health care to citizens and residents in the Kingdom.

The Guardian reveals the details

Earlier, the British newspaper “The Guardian” revealed that Saudi Arabia had exploited a loophole in the international mobile phone network, to track its citizens traveling to the United States, monitor their movements and spy on them, explaining that one of the whistleblowers briefed it on millions of secret tracking requests sent from Saudi Arabia, since November / Last November.

The British newspaper quoted experts as saying that those secret requests that show vulnerabilities in the global text messaging system “SS7” “indicate a systematic spying campaign by the Kingdom,” where the tracking requests aimed to locate Saudi citizens in the United States, by monitoring Mobile phone sites registered in the Kingdom.

The British newspaper indicated that the tracking requests were sent by the three most mobile phone companies in Saudi Arabia, which are Saudi Telecom, Mobily and Zain, pointing out that Saudi Arabia sent 2.3 million tracking requests to its citizens during the past year.

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