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A famous Kuwaiti poet attacks the royal mummies procession | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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Kuwaiti writer and poet Saadia Mufreh criticized the procession of royal mummies that Egypt witnessed, the day before yesterday, Saturday, and considered that what happened was an insult to these dead.

Saadia Mufreh: Honoring the dead and burying him

Saadia Mufreh wrote in a tweet that she followed, “Watan” through her official account on “Twitter”: “Am I the only one who thinks that? The bodies of the dead are not a material for the living to see, even if they have been 7,000 years old?

Saadia Mufreh continued: “Honoring the dead is to bury him, but the (scientific) interaction with the corpses must take place far from the meaning of watching!”

Saadia Mufreh, at the end of her tweet, expressed her amazement with the elegance of the artistic show that accompanied the transfer of royal mummies. As she put it.

Controversy between the tweeters after Saadia Mufreh’s statements

A number of tweeters agreed, including Othman Al-Ghanmi, who wrote: “You are not alone. It is surprising that the country of 100 million Prime Time Zone. Showcased by the dead and with an ancient Pharaonic civilization, it did not provide the world with anything useful. Except for building graves for the pharaohs, the pyramids. The glorification of the dead and the graves (the pyramids) is suspicious. And China dazzles the world with industrial production! ”

While Dr. Arab Al-Rifai disagreed with her and said: “In the part of the Pharaohs, I see the celebration as justified, to serve several goals, including. Reminding the world of the value of this civilization prior to its era, including giving a positive impetus to the Egyptians, given that Egypt is a land of civilization. Including a service for tourism, including cultural mobility, including that the mummification of the Pharaohs art and effects, the issue is related to the art of mummification.

Lawyer Israa Al-Maatouk criticized the spending of a huge budget for this event, writing: “There is another corner other than the dead and a show. Their dead bodies relate to the fact that this show is a tourist show, a time for tourism and a time of the global economic situation collapsing, let alone a country. Its economy is very weak, the first hungry.

As she agreed with her opinion, she wrote: “I agree with you every word… These are dead even if they were Pharaohs… How can we take bodies? From its cemeteries and review it under the pretext of civilization !!! It is not harmful to study it … but do not review the bodies of the dead, whatever the justifications.

Pharaohs in procession

The hashtag was “Parade Mummies Ownership ”, may be the top of the list of the most popular hashtags in Egypt.

The British newspaper Daily Mail commented on the procession, saying that it was an exceptional event with the transfer of 22 mummies to kings and queens. Ancient Egyptians were. More than 3 thousand years ago in golden chariots passing the length of Cairo.

The newspaper also explained that the show will be called the Golden Show of the Pharaohs, as each of the kings will be on a separate chariot. Decorated in ancient Egyptian style.

On the method of preserving mummies during the transfer process, Mustafa Ismail, Head of the Mummies Unit Maintenance Laboratory, indicated. In the National Museum. For civilization, that there are two ways.

First; Put them in the nitrogen capsule to prevent any vibration, and the second; By keeping them in special boxes inside the carts. That will participate in the procession.

Regarding the reasons for using the nitrogen capsules, he explained that it was an idea that had been implemented by his team.

It aims to control the environment surrounding the body of the mummy, so that it does not suffer any damage or negative impact, due to the change in temperature. That causes the mummy to expand and contract, leading to cracks and detachments.

Mustafa Ismail also revealed that upon the arrival of the convoy to the Museum of Civilization, the mummies will be transported to the storage designated for them, which is: It meets the necessary conditions to open the nitrogen capsules in an ideal environment.

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