A famous Omani tweet by Lusim Yusef: (Leave missiles to men if God deprives you of their hormones) | A nation is tweeting out of tune


The prominent Omani account (Al-Shaheen) launched a violent attack on the Emirati naturalized preacher, Wasim Yusef, after the latter’s tweets in which he expressed his support for the Zionist occupation and his attack on the Palestinians and the resistance movement Hamas.

Wasim Yusef raves and attacks Hamas

Wasim Yusef attacked Hamas in a tweet on his Twitter account, and said, according to what Watan had monitored: “Hamas launches rockets between Prime Time Zone’s homes and homes, and when the response comes, Hamas cries and shouts: Where are the Arabs? Where are the Muslims?”

And he continued his allegations and slanders against Hamas without directing even a mere criticism of the occupation: (You made Gaza a cemetery for the innocent and children! You harmed Egypt and Sinai, you burned the flags of most Arab countries, you insulted all countries, you did not respect anyone, you did not show mercy to a child or an old man in Gaza. The Muslim Brotherhood is an epidemic))

Omani songwriter (Al-Shaheen) attacks Waseem Yusef

So that the response would come to him quickly from the Omani account of (Al-Shaheen), saying: (We searched for a person who would represent the summit of Arab subservience and bear the most despicable qualities of the typists, so no one was more worthy of Ariel Yusuf with this title.)

He disapproved of meekness and Wassim Yusef’s Zionists: “Leave the rockets to the men, because God has deprived you of their hormones and missiles. Promise the fatwas of love among the boys, and her fatwa will not be good for anyone but you. And know that Gaza has prevented meadows from paradise due to the large number of martyrs buried in it.”

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Al-Qassam Brigades bombed Tel Aviv

Al-Qassam Brigades announced that it bombed Tel Aviv and its suburbs with 130 missiles, in response to the Israeli warplanes targeting residential buildings in the Gaza Strip.

The brigades said that this missile strike is the largest bombing attack launched by the resistance on Tel Aviv.

Israeli media reported that one person was killed as rockets fired from Gaza hit the city of Holon, near Tel Aviv.

The Iron Dome system failed to intercept a large number of rockets fired from Gaza.

For its part, the Israeli ambulance service confirmed that one person was seriously injured as a result of the bombing of Tel Aviv.

Israeli Channel 12 reported that a building in the suburb of Holon in Tel Aviv was hit by a missile fired from Gaza.

Israeli television broadcast live pictures showing the effects of the rocket fire that was launched from Gaza targeting Tel Aviv.

Navigation suspended at Ben Gurion Airport

Israeli media also reported that all planes expected to arrive at Ben Gurion Airport will be directed to Greece and Cyprus.

An Israeli official told AFP that air traffic was suspended at Ben Gurion Airport, east of Tel Aviv, after shelling from Gaza.

Pictures showed the evacuation of a number of passengers at Ben Gurion Airport, after a missile fell near the airport.

On Tuesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to intensify attacks on the Gaza Strip.

Netanyahu’s threat came after the Palestinian resistance announced the response to the escalation of the occupation with the largest missile strike of its kind.

As a result, two Israelis were killed in the city of Ashkelon, adjacent to the Gaza Strip, and dozens were wounded. Some of them are in cases of panic.

Netanyahu said in a video clip, distributed by his office at the conclusion of a security meeting, that since yesterday the army has carried out hundreds of attacks on Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza.

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“We will intensify the force of our attacks, and Hamas will be hit by strikes you did not expect,” he added.

Israeli bombing

On the other hand, a new Israeli bombardment on the central Gaza Strip led to the death of two civilians, after the death of 3 others in the northern Gaza Strip.

This raises the death toll in Gaza since yesterday to 30 martyrs – including 10 children and a woman – in addition to the fall of more than 152 wounded.

For its part, the Al-Quds Brigades – the military wing of the Islamic Jihad Movement – announced the martyrdom of 3 of its field commanders in an Israeli bombing of an apartment in Gaza City.

In the same context, the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades – the military arm of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) – said in a brief statement that there were martyrs and missing persons in the bombing carried out by the occupation on a target in which its members were present within the framework of “raising the readiness to repel aggression.”

Dead and injured in Ashkelon

And Israeli media reported that two Israeli women were killed in the Palestinian bombing of Ashkelon, and said that they were killed by rockets launched from the Gaza Strip on their homes.

She added that the missiles resulted in a number of wounded, with varying wounds, noting that about 10 rocket-propelled grenades directly hit residential buildings in Ashkelon and Ashdod.

The Hebrew News Channel 12 reported that the Palestinians fired 137 rockets from the Gaza Strip at Ashdod (38 km from Gaza), Ashkelon, and nearby areas within 5 minutes, today.

There was no statement from the Israeli occupation army regarding the number of rockets fired this afternoon, but the Palestinian factions said that dozens of them were fired in response to the aggression on the Strip.

Resistance missiles

On the other hand, a spokesman for the Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, said that the resistance targeted Ashkelon and Ashdod with 137 heavy-caliber rockets within 5 minutes, adding that “we have a lot.”

The brigades said that they used “Sejil” rockets in the bombing of Ashkelon this afternoon, which succeeded in overcoming the Iron Dome, as part of an operation that the resistance called “the Sword of Jerusalem” to defend the Palestinians in the occupied city of Jerusalem and stationed in Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Israeli air systems intercepted some of the missiles; However, a number of them fell in both cities, and in addition to the two dead, they left more than 80 wounded, some of them in cases of panic due to successive bursts, and the rockets caused great damage to buildings in Ashkelon, and led to some cars being set ablaze.

The Al-Qassam Brigades announced that it launched a large missile strike against the city of Ashkelon at dawn today, in response to targeting civilians, and said, “If the enemy repeated targeting safe civilian homes, we will make Ashkelon in Israel a hell.”

Operation Guard Fences

The Israeli escalation came after Israeli media reported that the army launched a military operation on Gaza under the name “Guardian of the Fences,” noting that the operation included a series of raids on separate targets in the Strip.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met this morning with Defense Minister Benny Gantz, leaders of the army and security services at the Defense Ministry headquarters in Tel Aviv.

After the meeting, Gantz ordered the army to continue its attacks on the Gaza Strip. The army spokesman said that the Chief of Staff had instructed to continue the strikes and to target Hamas and Jihad activists.

Escalation after a cautious calm in Al-Aqsa

Meanwhile, the Israeli occupation forces stormed the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque and attacked the worshipers, after a cautious calm that prevailed over the past hours, as the retreat had performed the dawn prayers after the withdrawal of the occupation forces, following violent confrontations that erupted after storming it for the second time within hours by Israeli soldiers.

Worshipers also entered Bab Hatta at dawn today, magnified in the absence of the occupation soldiers, and the Palestinian Red Crescent reported that 520 Palestinians were injured in the clashes that took place in occupied Jerusalem, yesterday, Monday.

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