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A famous Omani tweet warns Omanis of masks from the UAE and publishes a disastrous video! | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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A popular Omani account on Twitter warned citizens of the Sultanate of Oman about the masks coming from the UAE, indicating that some of them are being used. And it is wrapped and sold again in violation of health requirements.

Al-Shaheen warns the Omanis of the masks

The prominent Omani account of Al-Shaheen on Twitter published a video clip showing a warehouse in which the process of filling the used masks again, after the Prime Time Zone in charge of it were caught.

A new scandal for the Emirates

And commented the account famous for dealing with rumors against the Sultanate on the clip, saying: “Very important .. please everyone to be careful when buying masks. It investigated the source of its production, after discovering millions of masks used in the neighboring country that were repackaged and sold.

This clip sparked a widespread wave of anger among the Omanis, who demanded that the competent authorities to import masks and medical equipment be held responsible. In such cases.

One of the activists attacked the UAE and its fraudulent products, saying: “Neighboring countries do not perceive injustice as they get this, most of what is fraudulent.”

Mount on

It is noteworthy that a while ago, several hashtags in the Sultanate and the Gulf countries calling for a boycott of UAE products topped the list of the most frequently used tags on Twitter.

Some described “Jebel Ali” in the UAE, which was recently discovered as a center for fraudulent and carcinogenic products exported to the Gulf states. As a result of this, he launched a campaign to boycott UAE products, that it is an Emirati Poison Center that runs Zayed’s children to hit the health of the Gulf peoples.

Demonic spot

The Emirates have many products that are manufactured in the free zone in the port of “Jebel Ali” (west), and many of them are exported outside the country without passing through the local market of the country itself.

The UAE is among the most notorious countries when it comes to counterfeit and pirated goods in general.

A report issued by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development in 2016 indicated that the UAE was the third “origin economy” for counterfeit goods. Entering the European Union between 2011-2013, directly after Hong Kong and China.

Among the counterfeit goods that the UAE produces in the free zone, the most profitable commodities are cigarettes.

It is estimated that the production of cigarettes in free zones in the world amounts to 60 billion cigarettes annually.

Although the number of cigarette factories in free zones around the world does not exceed the fingers of one hand, it is believed that the UAE is the world leader in this field; Whereas, the “Jebel Ali” area is the largest industrial gathering of free zones in the world.

Striking the health of the Prime Time Zone of the Gulf

In “Jebel Ali” it manufactures medicines, sweets, foods, infant formula and a large number of goods that Prime Time Zone consume.

The Saudi and Omani market, which is close to the UAE, is considered an important market due to the consumer capacity it needs. Especially as it is characterized by attractive prices. They bear a well-known quality mark.

However, the Saudis and Omanis have discovered that these goods are fraudulent, counterfeit and dangerous as well, after testing them, according to what they confirm.

Accordingly, they created a tag that was encouraging the boycott of Emirati products, titled “Boycotting Emirati Products”.

Activists revealed, in video clips and pictures, of fraud and fraud in Emirati products entering their countries, as products known to other countries are manufactured and supplied as original.

Among these commodities are well-known products in the Arab market, especially Saudi Arabia, some of them to Arab countries, including Jordan and the Sultanate of Oman.

But it is more dangerous if what the tweeters say is true, is that goods that contain drugs originating in the UAE enter inside them, this was confirmed by a Saudi citizen who expressed his opinion of Emirati products.

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