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Technical accounts on social networking sites revealed that a famous woman in Saudi Arabia was arrested in an immoral situation with a young man.

Famous arrest in Jeddah!

One of those accounts indicated that the famous woman was arrested after receiving a report about their whereabouts, and that investigations are being completed with them.

The accounts did not mention the name of the celebrity intended in the news, but he specified that it is in the city of Jeddah, and there was no comment from the official authorities in Saudi Arabia about the incident.

Celebrity (Snapchat) drunk

And the same account had previously revealed a few days ago that a Snapchat celebrity was also arrested in Saudi Arabia while she was drunk and in possession of a bottle of liquor and hashish.

At the time, the account stated that all procedures were being completed with the Saudi celebrity, interrogated and referred to the Public Prosecution, without mentioning her name or issuing an official comment from the competent authorities.

The arrest of Reem Al-Suwaidi

In addition, news spread about the authorities’ arrest of the Saudi fascist, Reem Al-Suwaidi, along with other celebrities such as Ziad Al-Misfer, Samer Al-Khal and Areej Al-Abdullah, after the scandalous celebrity party crisis in Saudi Arabia.

The name of Reem Al-Suwaidi had topped the search engines in Google and Twitter, after the spread of a scandalous video clip of her with the participation of a number of famous social media.

And accounts via (Snapchat) stated that Reem Al-Suwaidi is responsible for the entire ceremony, calling on the official authorities to intervene.

Although Saudi media revealed that the competent authorities immediately acted and worked to arrest everyone who participated and photographed the indecent clips, but the arrest of Reem Al-Suwaidi has not been confirmed by an official body.

Move against the scandalous dance party

And Saudi media had reported that the competent authorities acted immediately and were working to seize those who participated and photographed the indecent clips in the Kingdom.

According to the Saudi (Al-Ikhbariya) channel, the authorities then conducted an extensive investigation into the clips of the scandalous dance party in Saudi Arabia to find out their source and arrest all those who participated in and promoted them.

Sources in Saudi Arabia revealed the involvement of a company in the violating ceremony, according to the local newspaper (Al-Watan).

The sources confirmed that the ceremony was sponsored by a marketing company that is responsible for managing the business of some celebrities.

The sources said that the ceremony was organized on the occasion of the launch of the website of a Korean cosmetics brand, and its exclusive agent in the Kingdom is the organizing company.

Later, the Saudi Ministry of Commerce summoned the company responsible for gathering Snapchat celebrities and imposed a fine of 300,000 riyals ($80,101) on them, according to the Saudi (Al-Ikhbariya) channel.

Celebrities in Saudi Arabia

The hashtag (Saudi Celebrities Unleashed) topped the social networking site (Twitter) after circulating videos of the scandalous dance party in Saudi Arabia, which activists described as indecent.

The videos circulating in Saudi Arabia showed a dance party in which some Saudi celebrities, Snape, and activists on social media participated.

In the videos, it was found that women’s dance teams were present in bold clothes, amid calls on the social media, to stop these practices, which they described as “contrary to the morals of Saudi society.”

The footage circulated sparked widespread anger among Saudis, who saw that the behavior of celebrities was contrary to customs and traditions, and contrary to Saudi values, except for violating the restrictions imposed on gatherings due to the Corona virus crisis.

For his part, Saudi lawyer Fayez Al-Enezi called on the concerned authorities to stop the abuses and negative practices of social media celebrities.

Al-Enezi said in an intervention on the (Al-Ikhbaria) channel, that there is a need for direct, explicit texts to regulate celebrity ads and their content; The negatives of what happens in social media outweigh the positives.

Al-Enezi stressed the importance of stopping the advertisements that celebrities of both sexes do about medical facilities, despite the fact that some of them do not have licenses, adding that trafficking in human lives is something that should not be tolerated.

Hind Al-Qahtani arrested in America

In another context, the star of Saudi social networking sites, Ryan Geller, announced a few weeks ago the arrest of Hind Al-Qahtani and taken for investigation into the San Diego County Police Department in California.

Ryan Geller posted a photo on his (Snapchat) account of the police record confirming the news of the arrest of Hind Al-Qahtani.

And he wrote in his comment: (Hind Al-Qahtani is pending investigation in San Diego on charges of exploiting her children..praying to God to relieve her of her handicap..and from a close reliable source, she is only under investigation with a contrary issue, and there is no charge so far..and this photo is from the California police registry) .

After the spread of these rumors, Al-Qahtani herself appeared through her account on (Snapchat) and denied the news and attacked (Ryan Geller), who was the reason for its spread.

This was followed by the appearance of (Ryan Geller), who published that picture apologizing to Hind, explaining that he published what he had seen only out of fear for her and praying for her.

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