A fan asked Ronaldinho to sign for her in a sensitive area and the latter meets her request (video) | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


Former Brazilian football legend Ronaldinho, 41, was surprised by a fan’s request to sign her shirt at chest level, but the player did not hesitate to respond to her.

Ronaldinho and signature

The video, which was widely circulated on social media, showed him holding the fan’s left shirt with his hand to be able to draw a signature on the fan’s shirt, amid the laughter of the audience who watched it closely.

Ronaldinho and the decision to retire

The fans and fans of the Brazilian player “Ronaldinho” were surprised by the news of his announcement to stop continuing his professional career at the age of 37 at the time in 2018.

After a career full of achievements and titles for the clubs in which he played, most notably Paris Saint-Germain, Barcelona, ​​AC Milan and other clubs.

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The player witnessed his advancing age and his lack of commitment to the level required for him, to decide to retire from the world of football, unlike the two stars Cristiano Ronaldo and the Swedish Sultan “Ibrahimovic”, who are performing well for them so far despite their advanced age.

The brother of the Brazilian star and his agent, Roberto, said in a press statement that he published at the time on the Brazilian “Oglobo” website, saying: “He has decided to stop, he does not want to play again at the professional level.”

Barcelona and Milan

Barcelona and Milan, Italy, were the first to bid farewell to the Brazilian star, as the first wrote on his official account on the “Twitter” social networking site, “The always laughing wizard of Campo, thank you for everything you provided.”

And the Italian AC Milan team followed him up by tweeting, “Retire the person who impressed San Siro and every football fan,” along with many other European clubs.

Titles and achievements

The Brazilian player “Ronaldinho” won many titles throughout his professional career in the world of football with the clubs and teams that he played for, including the Copa America in 1999, the World Cup in 2002 and the UEFA Champions League in 2006.

He also won the Copa Libertadores in 2013 and the Recopa Sud Americana in 2014, while he won the Golden Ball for the best player in the world in 2005 during his time with Barcelona.

Then he decided to retire from football after his low level inside the stadiums, to join the departed football legends Ronaldo and his compatriot Pele, as well as the late and late Argentine football legend Maradona.

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