A fundraiser for the crying German girl after a wave of bullying from England fans | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


British media revealed the launch of a donation campaign for the German girl who cried heartily after the loss of her country’s national team and its exit from the European Nations “Euro” competition against its counterpart England, and this came after the mockery of the fans of the England team.

German girl and fundraiser

And the British “give me sport” website reported that what happened with the German girl in that match was a scandal and a wave of ridicule from England fans at the end of the match.

And he pushed someone to create a girl fundraiser for the crying baby, to prove that not everyone in the UK is bad.

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And the site indicated that more than 24,000 pounds ($33,000) were collected for the little German girl who collapsed in tears after her country’s loss to England in the Euro Championship, which brought both teams together in the quarter-finals at Wembley Stadium.

The website added that a Wales football fan, Joel Hughes, who works as a website developer, initially set out to raise a £500 donation for the German girl.

The wave of ridicule from the German girl

Many abusive publications appeared by a number of England fans who ridiculed the sadness of the young German girl and her great sadness at the farewell of her country’s team to the “Euro 2022” tournament.

One England fan, referring to the 1930s and 1940s during Hitler’s rule in Germany, tweeted: “Where were your tears when Hitler killed millions?”

Another English fan said: “Do you think we forgot that your grandfather killed Anne Frank, the little Nazi?”

While a number of English football fans sympathized with the crying German girl, one of them tweeted: “English fans mock a little girl from Germany, have you forgotten the many failures of the England team?”

Germany’s loss in the euro

The England team succeeded in eliminating Germany in the final price round of the “Euro” championship with two clean goals without a response, the second time since the 1996 quarter-final when it defeated its Spanish counterpart on penalties.

England will face Denmark in the semi-finals of the continental championship at Wembley Stadium next week, after defeating Ukraine 4-0.

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