A funny shot of its kind .. a dog storms a football field and scores a goal with its head (watch) | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


Activists circulated on social media a funny and unique video clip in the world of football, with a dog storming the floor of the match in Chile and scoring a beautiful goal after a direct free kick.

A dog stormed the football field

And Publish Account ” ElGigantedeRioViejo“Specialist in spreading sports news and the world of football through social networking sites “Twitter”, a funny video clip of a dog that broke into a match between Deportivo San Miguel and its rival Zaragoza in the Chilean League and caused a goal in the opponent’s net.

This came after one of the players executed a direct free kick towards the goal net, but the dog that stormed in managed to change its course and score in the opponent’s net after the ball hit his head, amid the laughter of the fans and the fans inside the stadium.

The dog and soccer score in the net

But the wit in the video clip, that the dog that stormed the floor of the match stadium barked before the direct free kick was taken towards the goal net, as if he was asking for a football pass to him in order to shoot it inside the opponent’s goal net, but he was offside.

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Spanish League Two Ranking

Sporting Gijon is at the top of the standings with 10 points since the start of the Spanish League season for the second degree, followed by a single point difference, Almeria team with 9 points, equal to the third-placed Ponferadina with the same balance of points.

Tenerife came in fourth place with 8 points, and Deportivo Mirandes came in fifth place with 7 points, equal to that of sixth-placed Valladolid with the same points.

In seventh place, Huesca team came with 6 points, equal in number of points, respectively with Ibiza and Cartagena, in eighth and ninth places of the table.

As for the tenth place, Fuenlabrada came with 5 points, followed by Real Oviedo and Real Sociedad (B), Las Palmas and Malaga in the same points.

While the Burgos team came in fifteenth place with 4 points, equal to that of Girona, Ibar, Zaragoza and Amorebeta with the same balance of points.

As for the twentieth place, Lugo came with 3 points, and in the penultimate position of Leganes with two points, while at the bottom of the ranking came Alcorcon without any of the points during the current season.

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