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A girl’s heart stopped and another was blinded after consuming locally manufactured wines in Kuwait! | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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Wines believed to be adulterated and of unknown source caused a girl’s heart to stop and another temporary blindness after drinking him in a chalet in Kuwait.

Incident details

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior revealed the details of the incident that was recorded in the past few hours, according to what “Watan” monitored.

The ministry said: “The locally made wines caused the heart of a girl and the temporary blindness of another after drinking in a chalet.”

The ministry added, in a statement issued by it, Friday: “The search for the source of local drinks is under way, to take legal measures.”

The largest wine factory in Kuwait

This comes days after the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior seized a factory for manufacturing wine in the country, run by three Asian expatriates.

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior said in a statement that the factory it seized is the largest wine factory in the country in terms of equipment.

According to the Kuwaiti Interior Ministry statement, information was received about the existence of a wine factory in the Kabd area of ​​Jahra Governorate, and as a result, a force was formed and headed to the site.

The Interior Ministry statement added that “a large Jakhour, closed from all sides, was spotted, and upon entering it, it was found that 3 Prime Time Zone of one of the Asian nationalities were present. “They do not hold any personal proof. They run the factory, which is one of the largest factories in terms of equipment.”

The statement also continued, “It also has a large fumigation pit, a large bottle pond, 340 large barrels and 12,200 bottles. Packed and equipped, tools and equipment for liquor manufacturing ”.

The Ministry of Interior stated in its statement that coordination had been made with the competent authorities in order to destroy the factory. And referring the arrested and seized persons to the competent authorities, to take legal action against them.

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior account released a video clip documenting the seized wine factory.

The clip, monitored by “Watan”, showed dozens of barrels used to store liquor, and manufactured and wrapped wine bottles in preparation for their sale.

Kuwaiti law

It is worth noting that Kuwaiti law prohibits, in Article 206 of Law 46 of 1964, bringing, importing and promoting intoxicating substances, and consuming them in public places.

As for the penalties, they range from imprisonment to a fine, and in both cases alcohol-related crimes are considered misdemeanor, and going out in a public place is in a state of drunkenness. An indication in Kuwait is considered a crime punishable by law.

Investigation officer

The Kuwaiti authorities had sentenced a mabahith officer to ten years imprisonment with work and force last October. And that is on charges of trafficking in alcohol and deluding the investigation authorities with false facts related to the case.

The Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Qabas quoted an informed source as saying that the officer’s order was discovered after he asked two of the detectives to take action. Investigations into the entry of a shipment of alcohol into the country, in which two persons were accused.

The accused officer also informed the detectives in charge of conducting investigations of two defendants who allegedly brought the shipment of alcohol into the country. And the mabahith deluded that it deduced the accused from its secret sources.

After the case was referred to the court, the court’s suspicions arose about the defendants referred to it and that there were other accused in the case, and the case was returned. To the Public Prosecution Office to investigate again.

During the new investigations, it became clear that the officer was the owner of the alcohol shipment and with the knowledge of his secret sources, which he claimed showed him to the accused. To issue a judicial sentence of imprisonment against him and his secret sources.

The source indicated that the detectives, who conducted the investigations for the first time based on the officer’s orders, were victims of good faith and their obedience to the orders of their official.

Ahmed Al-Jarallah ignores Kuwait’s law

The controversial Kuwaiti writer Ahmad Al-Jarallah called on his country’s authorities to allow those coming from abroad to bring alcohol with them to whomever they wish to do.

Alcohol is strictly prohibited in Kuwait, and Kuwaiti law prohibits in Article 206 of Law 46 of 1964 the import and supply of intoxicants.

As Ahmad Al-Jarallah said in a tweet he had monitored by (Watan) describing alcohol as alcoholic drinks. “Saudi Arabia and Kuwait have a lot of drug smuggling. Because alcoholic drinks are forbidden and continue ”.

He added, “But it is smuggled at fantastic prices. What prevents us from allowing the next person to take his needs with him?” As long as it is for his personal consumption and not for trading.

Khaled Al-Awadi

The Kuwaiti political activist, Khaled Al-Awadi, had sent a strict message to all who demanded the legalization of alcohol and hashish in Kuwait.

Khaled Al-Awadi said in a circulating video that “Watan” monitored: “Everyone asks why there are no alcohol, drugs or hashish in Kuwait. And he gives me an example in countries that legislate these matters.

He continued, “I will answer it and don’t tell me that I personally turned it over. I want that, because as long as you want to sell these things in our country, I will tell you to go further. ”

Al-Awadi continued, “Let’s open bars, but you have to take your mother, your sister, your wife, your son, and your daughter to it.”

Activist Al-Awadi also demanded those who demand legislation Liquor and hashish By taking his family with him by car to a night club. Adding: “Drink wine and eat hashish until it comes out of your brain.”

Al-Awadi continued his attack, saying: “Before you sell it to Prime Time Zone while you are looking forward, try it on your family, are you satisfied? If you do not accept, I quit.

In conclusion, Al-Awadi said: “If you want to wreak havoc on the land, start with your family, and if I can do that, I will be with you and agree with you.”

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