A great danger near Kuwait and the UAE .. This is what satellites reveal about Iranian ballistic missile sites | A nation is tweeting out of tune


The American “Fox News” news network revealed that the “Khurgo” ballistic missile site in Iran is ready for operation, after the completion of the construction of new launch sites there, according to satellite images.

Iranian missiles

The Iranian site “Khurgho” is located about 800 kilometers from the coast of Kuwait, and less than 300 kilometers from the coast of the United Arab Emirates. According to what the American network said.

According to the pictures taken by the “Maxar Technologies” company, about the Iranians’ work to construct four pits on the side of a mountain in the southwest of the country.

According to an analysis made by the “Intel Lab” group, three of those pits that contain props for missile launch sites have reached the final construction stage.

Geographical location and topography

The network also quoted “Intel Lab” chief analyst Itay Bar-Lev, as saying, “Given the geographical location and the current terrain. Once this complex reaches full operational capacity, it will not be easy to neutralize it by conventional means. ”

This information about the Iranian site also came in conjunction with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard’s announcement, last Monday, of the opening of an underground missile facility. Its location was not disclosed.

The commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Hossein Salami, inaugurated the base, which he said was just “a small part” of the missile capability. “The large and comprehensive” that Tehran possesses, according to a report by the British newspaper “Daily Mail”.

Footage broadcast on Iranian state television documented the rows of missiles hidden in an underground warehouse.

The site is equipped to detect enemy signals

The commander of the IRGC Air Unit commented that the site’s location is equipped to monitor enemy signals.

Iran says it has missiles that have the ability to reach a distance of more than 1,200 miles, and thus have a range. For a large part of the Middle East. Including Israel ”.

Israel and the United States are the parties that express their concern over Iran’s missile program the most, and they look at it. It was a serious threat to her.

Since 2011, Tehran has claimed to have underground facilities across the country as well as along the southern coast. near Strait of Hormuz Strategic.

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