A harasser receives a lesson that he will never forget from a Saudi girl … and this is what happened and sparked controversy! | A nation is singing out of tune


Activists circulated on social media, a video of a Saudi girl forced to use shoes to keep a harasser away from her.

“Get lost”!

In the video watched by “Watan”, the girl is shown holding her shoes and shouting at the young man who decided to flee.

The video sparked a controversy among the tweeters, some of whom saw that the young man deserves what happened to him, and some of them criticized the girl’s rough behavior and her portrayal of the harasser. The comments said: “A case is supposed to be brought against her. Hit him and picture him. “

He criticized the last depiction of the harasser, and wrote: “People are their first and last concern in everything that happens.

A female inside a man

Another praised the girl’s personality, and wrote: “If you walk in the street, no one would dare and molest her from the tongue and the force in which she is, a female inside a man.”

While another questioned the validity of the situation, and said: “Clearly representative.”

Another attacked the girl’s appearance and accused her of summoning the harasser because of her appearance, saying: “You go to suspicious places, wear a half sleeve, and God knows best in them, and a sure revealing face will come to you like these shapes because you are the one who told them to come through your appearance.

The Taif molester

A Saudi girl also previously documented the moment a bearded man molested her and her friend. And that is in the city of Taif, which belongs to the Makkah region in Saudi Arabia.

In the video, which was spread widely on social networking sites weeks ago, the bearded man appeared wearing the dress without a shemagh or headband.

The harasser approaches the two girls, and one of them asks him what he wants, and he replies, “I don’t want anything, I just want to talk,” and one of them threatens him with the police.

The girl commented on the video, that the harasser pursued them until they reached an abandoned place, so he grabbed a sensitive part of her body. He grabbed her friend’s hand and kissed her, according to her claim.

At the time, the hashtag # Al-Taif harasser published the social networking platform “Twitter” in the Kingdom, during which the tweeters demanded. He was arrested quickly, while most of them believed that the harasser was not in a normal situation.

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