A horrific crime in Yemen .. He was annoyed by the sound of the call to prayer, so he killed the muezzin after the dawn prayer in a shocking way!


A terrifying murder shocked the Taiz governorate in Yemen after a young man killed his neighbor, the muezzin, by stabbing him with a dagger after the dawn prayer. He was allegedly disturbed by the sound of the call to prayer.

Stabbed .. and stones on the head of the muezzin!

In the details, a young man in his third decade of life stabbed his neighbor, the muezzin (80 years), at the Al-Rahman Mosque in the “Al-Darba” neighborhood in the center of Taiz with a Yemeni dagger known locally as “Al-Janabiya”, after the dawn prayer.

The perpetrator was not satisfied with stabbing the muezzin, but threw stones at his head, which caused his death on the spot.

The killer is holed up and resists the police!

The deputy director of the “Al-Jadiri” police department in Taiz, Captain Mukhtar Al-Yousifi, said: The perpetrator barricaded himself in his home after committing the crime, and did not respond to the police calls to surrender himself at the beginning.

Al-Yousfi indicated, in a press statement, that the security forces stormed the perpetrator’s house after knowing that he was alone.

He said that the perpetrator tried to confront the security forces with a “Satour”, which forced them to shoot him in the foot and wound him.

He also confirmed that the perpetrator was arrested and taken to a hospital in the city.

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