A Jordanian husband who poured diesel on his wife and burned her in cold blood until she died meets his fate | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


Jordanian media reported that the Jordanian judiciary had issued a death sentence by hanging to death on a Jordanian husband who deliberately killed his wife, in a horrific manner.

The Association of the Jordanian Women’s Solidarity Institute “Solidarity” indicated that the court found the material actions that the accused committed, represented by his actions after taking the victim (his wife) to a place devoid of residents and passers-by, which is the “Makawir” area of ​​the Madaba governorate, by the bus he works on.

The husband put a used rubber tire on the victim’s head and lowered it to her shoulders (like a bracelet on the wrist) to hinder the movement of her hands.

Jordanian husband killed his wife premeditatedly

After that, the accused husband poured diesel on the victim’s head and body and set her on fire until burns affected most parts of her body and at a rate of (95%) of the surface area of ​​the body, which led to her death affected by these blazing burns, according to what the forensic doctors found, who examined the body. Explained, these acts constitute the criminal behavior in the material element of the felony of murder.

This behavior represented by setting fire to the victim led to the criminal result, which is the death of the victim, thus achieving the second element in the material element of the felony of murder.

Also, the criminal result was linked to the accused’s action with a causal relationship, and thus the material element of the felony of murder was realized in terms of behavior, a criminal result and a causal relationship, and that the will of the accused tended to commit the criminal act and to achieve the criminal result.

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As it became clear from the actions of the accused that the criminal intent was available, as he knew that the actions he had committed and carried out lead to the death of the victim and that his intention was to achieve this result.

The accused had prepared the means of killing, which is the diesel substance that he poured on the victim’s body, which is a highly flammable substance, as well as placing a rubber tire around the victim’s neck in order to increase its ignition by pouring diesel on it.

This indicates his insistence on killing the victim despite her screaming and pleading with him that he did not care about that, and waited until he was sure of her death and then put out the fire, all of which confirms the criminal intent of the accused.

Corona in Jordan and the latest statistics

In a separate context, Jordan recorded today, Tuesday, 12 deaths and 914 new infections with the Corona virus, bringing the total deaths to 10,071 and infections to 773,657.

In addition, 19,399 laboratory tests were conducted, of which the positivity rate reached 4.71 percent.

According to the daily report issued by the Jordanian Ministry of Health, 286 cases of recovery from the Corona virus were recorded in hospitals and homes.

While the number of active cases reached 11,237, while the number of confirmed cases receiving treatment in hospitals reached 629.

The number of Prime Time Zone registered on the national vaccination platform reached 363,540 Prime Time Zone, of whom 307,2050 received the first dose of the Corona vaccine, while 2313308 Prime Time Zone received the second dose.

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