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Today, Sunday, an Egyptian court issued a ruling in favor of the Egyptian artist, Mohamed Ramadan, against the broadcaster of the “MBC Egypt” channel, Amr Adib, in the case that Ramadan brought against Adeeb for defamation and insult.

According to Egyptian media, the Sheikh Zayed Misdemeanor Court issued a decision to fine Amr Adib 10,000 pounds.

It also rejected the corresponding civil lawsuit, and charged him with paying 50 pounds for attorney fees.

The beginning of the crisis was when Muhammad Ramadan accused Amr Adeeb in his lawsuit of insulting and defaming him, following the latter’s attack on him in a previous episode of his television program “Al-Hekaya”, broadcast on MBC Egypt.

In which he criticized him for the famous “money” video that the actor published after being sentenced in the case of the late pilot, Ashraf Abu Al-Yusr.

Mohamed Ramadan’s lawyer demanded 100,000 and one Egyptian pounds as temporary civil compensation.

The newspaper “The Lawsuit” stated that “the first advertiser, Amr Adib, took advantage of his job as a journalist and violated the work charter, so he wanted to achieve a media scoop and false fame, and he directed phrases, words, insults, slander, defamation and threats to the student, and broadcast this through his media platform.”

It is noteworthy that Amr Adib also announced that he had filed a lawsuit against Mohamed Ramadan, because of his response to him after he criticized him for the video of the “money” dumped in the swimming pool.

Ramadan’s sarcastic response from Adeeb provoked the latter’s provocation, in which the actor quoted a scene from his famous series “Al Ostoura,” and Amr Adib’s voice entered him, saying: “O Muhammad, whom we think Musa came as Pharaoh,” to which Ramadan replied: “Just, Papa.”

Amr Adeeb sue Mohamed Ramadan

Adeeb said: “He asked his private lawyer, Professor Tariq Jamil Saeed, to file a case against Muhammad Ramadan, for the latter’s abuse of him, and it was rare, and high, any money that he took from Muhammad Ramadan as a gift to the Children’s Hospital in Abu Al-Rish.”

Adeeb Ramadan also warned, saying: “You are not better than many Prime Time Zone. Your Lord is generous and I will take my right to the law. The coming days are agonizing, let us go to the courts and take our rights.”

And Adeeb continued: “Oh I, you.. We go to the judge and stand before him and speak to him.. I am ready to sit with you for a lifetime in arguments.”

He added: “The educated person is a blessing. If you were not educated in him, he would be able to raise you… If no one raised you, I would run away from you.”

And he continued: “There is a law in the country, and this law has denied the right of many Prime Time Zone, and I asked the lawyer, Tariq Jamil Saeed, to file a lawsuit against the abuse committed by the artist Mohamed Ramadan, and if I took any compensation, I would donate it to the Abu Al-Rish Children’s Hospital, and oh you, you.” .

A few days ago, the controversial Egyptian artist, Mohamed Ramadan, published new photos from his summer vacation, where he appeared with his wife on his private board in the middle of the sea.

According to the photos that Muhammad Ramadan posted on his Instagram account, he appeared bare-chested with his wife on a “yacht” in the Mediterranean, during their summer vacation on the northern coast.

Mohamed Ramadan: (I don’t trust any shoes)

And in mid-July, the Egyptian artist, Mohamed Ramadan, sparked widespread controversy by his behavior while honoring an event in the Emirates, because of his fear of a repeat of his fall on stage again.

While honoring him from the EMI Gala, Ramadan took off his shoes before walking on stage and carried them in his hand, and as soon as he reached the broadcasters, he put them on the floor and received the honor award without shoes.

Ramadan shared the video through his accounts on social networking sites (Facebook) and (Instagram), and attached it with a sarcastic comment that read: (After the last honor, I do not trust any boots).

Act (my)!

Ramadan’s behavior sparked controversy among the audience, some of them considered it spontaneous and funny, and others saw that he offended the announcer, who shook hands with him with the same hand with which he holds the shoes.

And it came in the comments: (You know, the announcer snorted her hand, the smell of socks fainted, you know, after you greeted her).

Another commented: (What are these municipal movements, O Ramadan).

Another attacked him, asserting that his behavior was not tactful, and wrote: (It is not tactful that you greet someone with your hand, with which you were carrying your boots, which you put on one side from the first).

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