A Kuwaiti deputy after the defense minister’s statement about muscles: Officials do not accept their daughters staying in army units


Muhammad Hayef, a former deputy in the Kuwaiti National Assembly, attacked the decision of the Minister of Defense, Sheikh Hamad Jaber Al-Ali, which allows women to enter the Kuwaiti army, considering that putting women in the army is alienating Kuwaiti society, as he described it.

Kuwaiti Defense Minister: We need brains more than muscles

Defense Minister Sheikh Hamad Jaber said in his statements yesterday that he is moving forward with the implementation of the decision, stressing that he is the first Prime Time Zone to care about Kuwaiti women. And preserve and preserve her dignity, explaining that “Kuwaiti women who are known for their efficiency, excellence and ability to work in various fields are already present in these sectors as civilians.

He continued, explaining in his statements to Al-Rai newspaper: “All that is there is that their conditions will be arranged in a manner that preserves their rights and that they receive fair and due allowances. Given the nature of their work, whether they are in the military hospital, the medical sector, or in technical workshops within the support services.”

The Kuwaiti Minister of Defense also indicated that “there are 466 women currently working in the army, and what is happening is converting them from civilians to soldiers.” He stressed that the constitution does not discriminate between women and men, and that serving Kuwait is the duty of both women and men. He stressed that “the involvement of Kuwaiti women in the honor of military service is the first building block to benefit from the experiences of the sisters of men in the armed forces in modernizing the Kuwaiti army.”

Commenting on some of the criticism, the minister said: “Critics of the decision will know by practical experience that all their fears have no place and will dissipate.” He stressed that “we cannot accept that Kuwaiti women insult their dignity or expose them to what they should not be subjected to.

The Minister of Defense stressed in a statement during his visit to the Administration and Manpower Authority that “today we need brains more than we need muscles.” Stressing that “the need for the sisters of men in the back rows and support specializations, not in the combat brigades.”

Muhammad Hayef: Officials do not accept their daughters sleeping in army camps

For his part, former MP Muhammad Hayef said that “the introduction of women into the army alienates Kuwaiti society.”

In a speech to him from his diwan in Ardiya, he said that he holds the members of the National Assembly silent about this absurdity towards the Westernization of Kuwaiti society, stressing the seriousness of the matter.

Hayef stressed that officials do not accept their daughters sleeping in army camps.

The former Kuwaiti MP cited what a member of the National Assembly told him: “One of the liberal representatives told me that if my daughter entered the army, I would stick her leg.”

He continued, “The previous council approved the enlistment of the sons of the Bedoon military in the army. We left them and we came up with the issue of entering the harem.”

For the first time in the history of Kuwait, women will be allowed to enter the army

For the first time in the history of Kuwait, women will be allowed to enter and be assigned to the Kuwaiti army, after this was a taboo in the past.

In this context, Al-Qabas newspaper reported that Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Sheikh Hamad Jaber Al-Ali is about to issue this decision soon.

She added that “the expected decision aims to allow Kuwaiti women to join the honor of military service alongside their male brothers from the protectors of the homeland and defense.” on his soil as officers and non-commissioned officers.”

Allowing women to enter the Kuwaiti army

This will be through their work in the support services sectors of the Ministry of Defense, such as medical services and other departments and sections in those sectors.

The sources indicated that “the aim of the operation is to benefit from the energies and capabilities of women in the service of the Kuwaiti army.”

The sources stressed that “the first batch, which is expected to be accepted, ranges from 100 to 150 female citizens, who will be nominated for a course for officers and non-commissioned officers.”

It is noteworthy that in late September, the Kuwaiti Military Defense Council reviewed the future plans and strategies of the Kuwaiti army. During the meeting, which was held in the presence of the Chief of the General Staff, his deputy and senior army commanders.

The Kuwaiti Army’s General Staff said that Defense Minister Sheikh Hamad Jaber Al-Ali discussed with members of the Military Defense Council. The latest developments and developments in all Kuwaiti army units.

She stated that they “reviewed future plans and strategies, and views on many issues and topics related to the armed forces.”

According to the statement, the Kuwaiti minister expressed his “appreciation and pride in the efforts made by the Chief of Staff and his deputy to overcome all obstacles to the implementation of the project. strategic plans.”

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Al-Ali called on the leaders of the Kuwaiti army to “take all measures to ensure that the army units carry out their tasks and duties to the fullest and provide all their needs.”

He also called on them to “make more efforts and enhance cooperation between the various sectors of the army to serve, protect and defend the homeland.”

Kuwait ranks 85th globally in the strength of its armies, and Kuwait’s leadership stresses the importance of enhancing the efficiency and capabilities of the Kuwaiti armed forces, and arming them. According to the latest weapons and equipment.

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