A Kuwaiti (Fatina) raises controversy in this video: (Anyone in need of Kuwaiti service, I am present) | A nation is tweeting out of tune


Social networking sites in Kuwait were filled with a video of a beautiful Kuwaiti woman, who wanted to work as a maid, and declared her willingness to do so in any country.

What did this Kuwait do that and came out with this video ?!

The Kuwaiti woman appeared very angry, declaring her readiness to work as a maid in any country, in exchange for food, drinking and a pension.

And she said the text: (I am a Kuwaiti citizen and contented with becoming a servant in any other country, and I am content with living with Prime Time Zone and serving them because of what? .. I eat and drink with them, and they give me a pension and I do not pay rent.)

She added in an angry tone: (I will not be able to rent, eat or anything … Anyone in need of Kuwaiti service, I am present.)

And she concluded, “Sawa me a visa, and I will work with you at home, and I expect that many girls will forget myself, because the last solution will be servants.)

The deterioration of living conditions in Kuwait

It seems that the Kuwaiti woman’s angry speech came in the context of her objection to the deteriorating living conditions in the country.

The clip sparked a wave of anger among Kuwaitis, who saw that her request to work as a servant, even if only to show objection to the difficult economic situation, is an insult to Kuwaiti women.

Some pointed out, however, that she could have expressed her opinion in a better manner than this, without detracting from the status of the Kuwaiti women who spoke on their behalf.

The investment sector in Kuwait is incurring heavy losses

A report by the Kuwait International Center for Economic Studies revealed that the investment sector suffered heavy losses since the beginning of the Corona pandemic crisis last year, especially in light of the unprecedented pressures on expatriate workers in Kuwait.

The report stated that there are approximately 50% of residential and commercial units in the investment sector looking for tenants or buyers, while pressure is increasing on real estate companies and landlords who face crises that the country has not seen before.

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The report stated that the total losses of the investment real estate sector in Kuwait amounted to nearly 800 million dollars in 2020, while losses in the first quarter of this year amounted to nearly 290 million dollars.

The average rent of a residential unit that an expatriate rents with his family (an apartment consisting of two rooms and a hall) is approximately $ 950, while the value of the rent for an apartment consisting of one room and hall is $ 700.

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