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A Kuwaiti lawyer reveals the reason for the crazy increase in divorce cases in Kuwait | A nation is singing out of tune


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Kuwaiti lawyer Hussein Al-Abdullah considered that the personal status law in his country is one of the first reasons for the increase in the rate of divorce in the country.

Al-Abdullah said during an interview monitored by “Watan”: “Regarding the Kuwaiti Personal Status Law, I consider it one of the encouraging laws. For the divorce process in Kuwait. I think that the texts contained were what allowed entering a marital relationship in an easy way and exit from it in an easier way.

He continued: “Given that this law also did not specify controls or frameworks through which to enter into the marital relationship or even exit from it in a proper manner.”

He explained: “That is why he made it very easy for women to enter the court and obtain court rulings, whether in divorce or even with the costs involved. Or the implications of the divorce process, easily.

And he continued: “Contrary to the Jaafari Status Law, which I see as a balanced law, which makes the process of getting out of marital life a more disciplinary process.”

The Kuwaiti lawyer’s statements about the divorce provoked widespread interaction

Many tweeters and activists interacted with the Kuwaiti lawyer’s speech, believing that the issue of divorce and marriage must be considered from all angles. And that the matter may not be limited to men only.

One of the tweeters considered that giving women space for decision in this aspect is in the context of catching up with humanity and human civilization, which is no longer. This gives the distinction between men and women in the decision of marriage and divorce.

Divorce in Kuwait

Kuwaiti official statistics indicate that the number of divorces is witnessing an unprecedented increase, reaching half of all marriages.

The Personal Status Law was one of the main reasons for a wife to file for divorce. Because of the guarantees it provides, which young Prime Time Zone see as unfair to them.

40% of the divorce cases that occurred in Kuwait, during the year 2019, took place through the courts, while the rest of the cases took place. No litigation is required, according to the Kuwaiti Ministry of Justice.

And the Kuwaiti Ministry of Justice – according to what was published by the local newspaper “Al-Qabas” – last November, that 3586 divorce cases took place according to a court ruling. In 2019, 4,302 cases were completed without the need for courts.

The statistics indicated that the total number of divorces this year amounted to 7888 cases, representing slightly more than half of the marriages, which amounted to 15040 cases.

Governmental expectations

The year 2014 witnessed about 6,904 divorces, compared to 13,441 marriages, while 2015 witnessed about 7,327 divorces. Against 15412 marriages.

A study also showed that divorce cases amounted to 7,223 compared to 14,693 marriages in 2016.

The year 2017 witnessed about 7,433 divorces, compared to 13932 marriages, and this increased to 7,575 cases of divorce in 2018.

In 2018, there were 14,400 marriages and 7,800 divorces.

In 2019, there were 15,040 marriages, while 7,888 divorces.

The Ministry of Justice rang the bell of dangerThrough its annual official statistics, the reasons for the occurrence of divorce have increased recently.

An official study of the Ministry of Justice expects that the number of divorce cases will reach 8906 in 2022, and the concerned authorities are helpless.

Until the total number of divorces during 10 years reached more than 83 thousand cases, an annual average of more than 8 thousand cases.

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