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A leaked document puts Real Madrid in trouble with the Spanish government for fraud | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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The Spanish newspapers revealed, on Monday evening. The potential clash between Real Madrid’s team management and the Spanish government is close. On the successor to the conduct of the Spanish royal team. About five years from now.

And it comes to getting a loan in a large amount from abroad. And the recent deficit in payment and commitment as a result of the Coronavirus epidemic. It goes through all European sports clubs. From the deficit and the financial crisis.

Real Madrid Document

The Spanish newspaper “Mundo Deportivo” reported that the Real Madrid team’s management agreement document had been leaked. With an investment fund in “Cayman Islands”.

To obtain a loan of 200 million euros in 2016. Also, this is an order that exposes the club to punishment for defrauding the law.

Tax evasion

The Spanish newspaper stated that an investment fund belonging to two companies from the Cayman Islands has provided a loan of 200 million euros to Real Madrid.

Also, the crisis is in violation of the Spanish law for clubs, which means that the Spanish Real Madrid team is evading paying taxes owed by the club.

Fraud penalty

The newspaper indicated that the Spanish government has the right to obtain taxes of 24% of the value of any financial loan obtained by the Spanish club Real Madrid.

He also resorted to circumventing the law and obtaining funds from the Cayman Islands. To evade taxes. Which exposes the club’s management to fraud. On the Spanish government in the coming days.

And according to information from the Spanish program “El Chiringuito TV”, Real Madrid president Florentino Perez is 73 years old. In the coming hours, he will meet face to face with Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos.

The Spanish program revealed that Sergio Ramos has not received any official offer so far from clubs interested in joining him. Therefore, his continuation with the team is very likely.

Salary reduction

Real Madrid also wants to renew Ramos’ contract for a two-year period, while reducing his current salary by 10%, while Ramos rejects the idea of ​​reducing his current salary to 12 million euros.

Ramos terms with Real

Ramos demanded the same salary estimated at 12 million euros, but the Real Madrid administration refused this, and demanded a 10% reduction in his salary, due to the economic conditions that the world is suffering from due to the spread of the Corona virus epidemic.

His renewal contract is still pending with the Spanish royal team, as the contract is scheduled to expire in June at the end of the current season.

Fantasy show

The Spanish newspaper reports revealed that Paris Saint-Germain had offered the Mercado “Ramos” a three-year contract, through which he would get a fictional offer. He was not getting paid in his current Spanish “royal” team an estimated 15 million euros a year.

And press reports indicated that the most prominent differences between the management of Real Madrid. Defender Sergio Ramos is about the annual salary after agreeing to a two-year contract.

Hiring a substitute

According to the Spanish “Difensa Central” website, Real Madrid reached a final agreement with the skilled defender in the Bavarian team “Bayern Munich”, 28-year-old Austrian David Alaba, to move to his team next summer.

Austrian Alaba’s contract ends with Bayern Munich. At the end of the current season, when the Bavarian administration announced that it had not reached an agreement with the player, in order to sign a new contract.

Where the official announcement was made last week after the completion of the legal procedures, which will be activated early next season.

The Spanish site, close to the Real Madrid administration, explained that David Alaba had signed a three-year contract through which he would receive an estimated amount of 10 million euros per season.

Ramos and his contract with Real

Sergio Ramos has played since his move to Real Madrid since his arrival in 2005, after moving a record from the Spanish club Sevilla.

To become the captain of the Spanish royal team and achieved with the team many titles in the league, champions, the Super Cup, the King of Spain and clubs during his career.

The value of the contract between the management of Real Madrid and Seville at the time, in exchange for his services, amounted to 27 million euros.

Where he played in more than one position within the ranks of the Real Madrid team, during his participation in all competitions, as a center back and as a midfielder and sometimes on the right wing, scoring in four consecutive seasons since his debut with Real Madrid with 20 goals.

Achievements with Real

Ramos has won 22 championships with Real Madrid, including. Five titles in the Spanish League. And four Champions League titles, and became one of the best scorers in the Spanish League from the defensive line within the royal team.

Spanish player Sergio Ramos has been crowned five times as a key player for Real Madrid. During his career in the Spanish “La Liga” Premier League title, during the 2006-2007 season, 2007-2008, 2011-2012, 2016-2017, 2019-2020.

He also scored with Real Madrid at the level of the Spanish Super Cup, which came out of it this season in its worst season in the semi-finals by losing to Athletic Bilbao with two goals to one goal.

He played a key role in Real Madrid obtaining all four champions. In the UEFA Champions League, where he was selected in the European Union squad. Football in for four times.

But he won the Super Cup in 2008, 2012, 2017, 2019 and 2020, and he also won the title of King of Spain twice during the 2010-2011 season and the 2013-2014 season.

Champions League

Since his arrival, the player has succeeded in winning the European Champions League five times in 2013, 2015, 2016, 2018, and the Club World Cup he won with his team four times in 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Real Madrid arrangement

And Real Madrid is in second place. Out of the Spanish league standings with 52 points. Three points adrift of neighboring leaders Atletico Madrid, who have faltered in two games. But he still maintains the lead with 55 points.

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A leaked document puts Real Madrid in trouble with the Spanish government for fraud |  A nation is tweeting out of tune