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The Lebanese actress, Sarah Al-Hani, caught the attention of her followers, with new pictures of her, which revealed how similar she is to her compatriot, Haifa Wehbe.

Haifa Wehbe’s version

Sarah Al-Hani published the photos through her official account on (Instagram), and she appeared in one of her wearing a black legging with a top in the same color that revealed part of her chest, and a white shirt, complementing her look with a sports hat.

Sarah Al-Hani appeared in another picture, and her face was close to the camera, and another version of Haifa Wehbe appeared, according to the comments of the followers on her page.

Sarah Al-Hani disappeared in 2009 from view, to return again in 2015, and surprised the audience with her new look, after she transformed herself into a copy of Haifa Wehbe with plastic surgery.


The resemblance between Haifa and Sarah was not only due to the way they put cosmetics, but the latter puffed out her lips, tightened her cheeks and changed the drawing of her eyebrows by means of a tattoo, and dyed her hair black.

It is noteworthy that Sarah Al-Hani was born in Kuwait in 1986, and belongs to a family of five children.

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Sarah began singing at the age of five and was distinguished by her performance of the songs of great singers such as Umm Kulthum, Asmahan, Mohamed Abdel Wahab, and Fairouz.

Sarah Al Hani’s start

Sarah sang in public for the first time in the city of Aley, Lebanon, many singles, and she was only seven years old.

In 1996, Sarah began her studies at the Lebanese National Higher Conservatory of Music under the supervision of Walid Gholmieh, who was very impressed with her voice.

Al-Hani graduated at the age of sixteen to win the title of the youngest student in the history of musical education in Lebanon. She participated in several festivals in many countries and continents, such as Australia, Canada and Africa.

In 2007, Sarah signed a contract with Rotana Company and released her first album (The Last Decision), and collaborated with director Saeed Al Marouk in the video clip “Karhni Fik”.

Two albums and a series, Shara Sabaya

Sarah released her second album in 2009, titled “Hey You Betamal”, and most of his songs were composed by the Lebanese artist Ramy Ayach.

Walid Nassif directed a video clip for the song “Heyak Betamal”, and Al-Hani then filmed the song “No One Behind Me” with director Mirna Khayat.

Sarah’s star shined through two songs, “Ghariba Rouhi” and “Ya Layl, I Love You”, in addition to her performance of the badge song for the series “Sabaya”.

Sarah Al-Hani faced many rumors about her emotional connection, including her relationship with her compatriot, artist Wael Kfoury.

But Sarah confirmed at the time that everything that was circulated on social media was just rumors denying the existence of a relationship between them, and confirmed that Wael Kfoury is an attractive artist, but that things between them never developed into a love relationship.

News also spread indicating that she had a relationship with the Egyptian director Khaled Youssef after the scandalous video story that spread to him with several artists on social media, but she did not comment on the matter.

(Beirut, my sad joy)

Recently, Sarah Al-Hani released a song in support of her Lebanese Prime Time Zone after the explosion of the port of Beirut last year.

And the lyrics of the song came: (Beirut, my sad joy.. the bride of the cities, the canary of the gardens, the key to the treasure.. Beirut, Beirut).

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The Lebanese artist also published a picture of the smoke from the Beirut port explosion on the first anniversary of the accident, wrapped in the Lebanese flag, and commented: (Lebanon will return better than before, God willing).

Red dress and tiger scarf!

In another context, Haifa Wehbe showed her femininity again, with a bolder look this time.

Through her official account on the (Instagram) application, Haifa Wehbe published new pictures of her wearing a tight red dress, blatantly bare back, with side openings that reveal her legs.

Haifa completed her look with a leopard-print scarf, leaving her black hair loose.

The audience described the dress naked, and asked (where is the dress in the first place), likening it to a nightgown, and confirmed that this is normal for the Lebanese artist.

Haifa appeared in the latest photo session with a “casual” look, while she was sitting in her yellow luxury car.

In the photos she posted on Instagram, Haifa wore brown jeans and a white top with a picture of an international artist printed on it.

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