A Lebanese broadcaster with a fiery introduction: “The first freedom tunnel appeared from behind the jailer’s wall, and the last one entered the rear of the occupation” | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


“The beginning of the tunnel appeared from behind the jailer’s wall and the end of it entered the rear of the occupation.” This was part of the introduction of a Lebanese broadcaster who started a news bulletin on “Al-Jadeed” channel, to talk about the success of 6 Palestinian prisoners in escaping from the Israeli Gilboa prison yesterday, Monday.

Lebanese broadcaster: 6 prisoners brought down the prestige of “Israel” in a sewage pit

In the introduction to the presenter, Samar Abu Khalil, praising the success of the prisoners’ operation: “They dug into the ground and caught the sun, and they hid their freedom in their pockets and fled into the light.”

She added: (Six prisoners dropped the prestige of “Israel” in the sewage pit and went out to freedom in a qualitative escape from Palestinian land to Palestinian land… The first tunnel appeared from behind the jailer’s wall and the last entered the rear of the occupation…).

Searching for prisoners of the “Freedom Tunnel”

For the second day in a row, large Israeli military forces continue to search for six Palestinian prisoners who managed to escape from Gilboa prison in the city of Bisan in northern occupied Palestine.

According to the Hebrew Reshet Kan channel, no progress has been announced so far in the process of prosecuting the prisoners.

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Yesterday, a restrictive decision was issued to prevent the publication of any information related to the progress of the investigation.

The latest information published yesterday indicated that the six prisoners were in contact with other Prime Time Zone from outside the prison, and that the guard of the watchtower who escaped from below was asleep, while those responsible for monitoring the cameras did not notice their exit from the place, although the cameras documented this.

The occupation forces summoned the prisoner’s father, Ayham Kammaji, and his brother from the village of Kafrdan, west of Jenin, to review their intelligence in Salem camp, and the intelligence officer demanded that he hand over his son, threatening to physically liquidate him if he did not turn himself in.

Al-Kamji is one of the six prisoners who escaped from prison.

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Press sources said that suspicious vehicles were moving in different areas of Jenin, and it seemed that Israeli special forces and agents were inside, as part of the search for the six prisoners.

An initial investigation in Gilboa prison showed that digging the tunnel used by the six prisoners in the successful escape from the prison took about a year and is estimated to be 25 meters long, and that the excavation was carried out by a limited number of prisoners.

According to Israeli allegations, the prisoners walked for an estimated distance of three kilometers, and from there they boarded a vehicle that helped them get away from the place.

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