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A Lebanese politician “witness” reveals: Political wives established intimate relationships to protect the interests of their husbands !! | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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The Lebanese politician, Mario Aoun, shocked the Lebanese with his statement of what was happening at the time of the Syrian-Lebanese tutelage, which was supervised by the Syrian intelligence official, Ghazi Kanaan.

Syrian tutelage

Mario Aoun said, according to a video clip monitored by “Watan”: “During the time of Syrian tutelage, the wives of some Lebanese politicians became accustomed. On establishing sexual relations with foreign leaders and politicians to protect their husbands’ political interests.

Representative Mario Aoun added: “I am frank about my life. This thing was happening. Whoever hears me knows that I have a right and started talking about my presentation. But I have no problem with this topic ”.

Aoun spoke about what he described as news, during an interview with Tony Khalife, a journalist on the program “An Embarrassing Question”. The morally bad consequences of some Lebanese officials during the Syrian tutelage over Lebanon.

He added: Those who used to see Anjar with Ghazi Kanaan, for example, were telling that intimate relationships were taking place. Unfortunately, with some Lebanese women, in order to protect the interests of their political husbands.

Previous statements

Earlier, a member of the Lebanese Power Bloc, Representative Mario Aoun, said that he is not “a Christian or a Muslim, but I am not a sectarian and I am Lebanese, and the statement I made earlier during one of the fires is not due to a sectarian background.”

He pointed out that “between Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah and the head of the Free Patriotic Movement, he saw that Bassil worked in the interest of Lebanon more than Sayyid Nasrallah,” noting that with the resignation of the governor of the Banque du Liban, Riad Salameh.

He added, “Between the late Syrian President Hafez Al-Assad and his late Palestinian counterpart Yasser Arafat, he considered that the two sides offended Lebanon.”

He continued: “Both of them tried to enter the Christian areas, and the mistake of Christian behavior led to a Syrian reaction, and thus the best between them is Assad.”

Sabra and Shatila

In response to a question, Aoun considered that “between the Damour massacre and the Sabra massacre, the Damour massacre hurt me more, and I accuse the Palestinian of it, and it is an unforgivable affliction.

He added, “I am disturbed by the presence of statues of Hafez al-Assad and the commander of the Iranian Quds Force, Qassem Soleimani, and it is not my conviction that they helped Lebanon, and I do not welcome the presence of statues of them.”

He emphasized that the covenant is not the one who brought us to Hell, and the President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, is wronged, and Hezbollah’s rule may be the reason for that. Hariri وحلفائه ”.

He explained, “Hezbollah’s weapons as they exist give a political team power that no one can reach, and thus its capabilities take us.” To where we want, Michel Aoun It does not compromise on sovereignty, and Hizbullah “does not win us a favor,” while we are allies, and it does not act with superiority.

He pointed out that “the Lebanese forces during the war were randomly destroying Christian areas, while General Michel Aoun was. Trying to preserve it ”.

He declared that “the Maarab agreement was in a kind of deception against the Free Patriotic Movement, as the Lebanese forces defrauded us.”

Ghazi Kanaan

It is worth noting that Ghazi Kanaan was a symbol of the Syrian security forces, and he was born in 1942 in Latakia, Syria, to a family. Belong to the ruling Alevi minority.

He graduated from the Military Academy in the city of Homs in 1965, and assumed the presidency of the Central Region Intelligence Branch “Homs”. He stayed there until 1982.

He participated in the investigation of those arrested in connection with the events in Syria in the early eighties, and participated in the torture of many of them.

He became the head of the Security and Reconnaissance Service in Lebanon in 1982, and remained in this position until 2001.

During that period, he was able to tighten Syria’s grip on Lebanon as he was behind the withdrawal of the multinational force under his leadership. America in 1984 and the overthrow of the Commander of the Lebanese Army, the Head of the Military Government, Michel Aoun, on October 13, 1990.

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