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A Lebanese rain in a nightclub sparked widespread anger over his racist practices while expressing his anger over the country’s fuel crisis.

A Lebanese singer.. (We used to hit the Indian with the treadmill)!!

Activists circulated on social media, a video showing the singer named Carlos, in one of his concerts, and he says in the words of his song: (Listen, what we used to say, how time has changed, for the Indian, may God help him on the petrol pump, we used to hit the Indian with the treadmill (shoes), We were expecting him to fill up gasoline.

This sparked widespread anger among the Lebanese, who affirmed their rejection of Carlos’s racist behavior and words, and the media, Mahasin Mursal, commented: “Heidi is the superior with abuse, lack of morals, and racist discourse.

And she continued: (On the few Indians or any other nationality, he lives from the fatigue of the brow race, not from the lack of morals, an intellectual and racist vomit and a language that resembles me to sing it, rise).

Decline and the language of racial superiority

Activist Maryam Majdouleen al-Lahham agreed with her, who attacked the singer and the audience alike, and wrote: (What is this decadence and the language of racial superiority, racial segregation and disgust? What are these rude terms and phrases, “We used to hit the Indian with the treadmill, we were begging for him to fill in petrol” No and Prime Time Zone were upset! I don’t know which one is the most despicable performer. Or existing!!).

The media, Layal Haddad, wrote: (In a Lebanese singer, I don’t know what his name is, frankly. A video spread in an uncle restaurant. He literally sang, “We were hitting the Indian with the pedestrian, we started asking him for gasoline.” I mean, actually from the heart of the waste container, they are not able to give up their racism. Disgusting disgusts you.

Nelly also attacked the audience, who continued to dance to these racist words, and wrote: (Yes, we have reached this degree of decadence and disgust! What do you see in your eyes, your disgust and your racism! I don’t know how there are Prime Time Zone who are happy and dance for such a disgusting and disgusting thing).

Faika Al-Zoubi began enumerating the achievements of the Indian Prime Time Zone, and wrote: (Someone tells this freak who is singing, we were hitting the Indian with the pedestrian, India, they have nuclear India, they have an atom center, not to mention Bollywood, the revenues of one movie equals the budget of your country. Indeed, a schizophrenic Prime Time Zone think that their condition is the center of the universe, my dear, hardly you Sticking a pill and bouncing like monkeys in nightclubs).

They refused to rent me a car because I was Palestinian

This incident is not the first of its kind, as a Palestinian activist residing in Lebanon previously revealed a situation he was exposed to, exposing the abhorrent racism against anyone who does not hold a Lebanese identity.

Activist Muhammad Shiblak wrote on his Facebook page that one of the car rental companies rejected his request to rent a car because he was “Palestinian.”

Shiblak published photos documenting the conversation that took place between him and a rental company in the Bouchrieh-Matn region, and wrote: “Today I communicated. With Mike Cars rent a car, Karmal rent a car for the weekend and go out to Beirut The office responded with rental rates and payment terms. (Including setting the exchange rate according to the black market and paying a $200 security deposit).

Shiblak continued: “After I determined the type of car and the rental period, he asked me for a copy of the driving license, the identity card. The purpose of the rental, the intended area, and what do you do with life (which surprised him).

Shiblak indicated that he sent everything the rental company requested, including the Palestinian identity, and that he specified the area. Which he intends to travel to for tourism, and that he works in an institution.

expose my element

And he continued: (My response is that, unfortunately, it will not work out, I tried to inquire about the reason, tell me, I do not need to know. It is not my business, and that the cars are his own and he decides).

Shiblak concluded by saying: “Frankly, since I did not specify the reason, I could not but conclude that it is because I am Palestinian.”

Video from Lebanon

A video clip in Lebanon also documented a case of racism while selling foodstuffs in one of the malls, and the clip showed men from the Lebanese State Security standing to supervise the sale of basic foodstuffs such as rice and flour, to Prime Time Zone with only Lebanese identity.

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Whereas, every person who wants to buy the commodity must show his Lebanese identity before acquiring it.

The clip documented the Prime Time Zone of other nationalities standing in front of the goods and trying to buy the goods, but the security prevents them from doing so, and it is limited only to the Lebanese ID holders.

The fuel crisis in Lebanon

Fuel prices in Lebanon rose after the release of the fuel price schedule according to the support price (3900 Lebanese pounds per dollar), amid a huge fuel crisis in the country.

It is noteworthy that Lebanon is witnessing the worst economic crisis in its modern history, as the Lebanese currency has lost about 90% of its value.

It broke a record low earlier this month, which amounted to 18,000 pounds to the dollar on the black market, while the official exchange rate for the dollar is still 1,507 pounds.

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