A Lebanese woman complimented her Syrian friend by offering him her daughter to rape her, and what he did with her is shocking A nation is tweeting out of tune


In a crime that no human mind can believe, a Lebanese mother facilitated the crime of rape of her minor daughter, by her Syrian friend, after she agreed with him to invite her daughter to his home.

Local media reported the details of the heinous crime, which were reported by the facts of the judicial investigations, and indicated that the accused is a Syrian (33 years old) and had a relationship with the mother of the minor girl (13 years old).

At the instigation of the mother, the accused lured the minor girl to his residence in the area of ​​the Chouf area in the Governorate of Mount Lebanon, and claimed that his mother was in the house.

As soon as the accused and the minor girl arrived, he muzzled her mouth, brought her into his bedroom by force, and proceeded to rape her and disperse her virginity, before letting her go on her way and threatening her to harm her if she told her brothers about the matter.

However, the girl quickly informed her older brother, who in turn filed a complaint against the defendant, and when the defendant was contacted on his cell phone number, he promised to appear in front of the human trafficking office, but he failed to do so and closed his line.

While the girl’s mother went into hiding, the forensic doctor revealed the minor in a government hospital, and stated in her report that the hymen was completely torn.

After the end of the investigation, the judge in Mount Lebanon issued his indictment and decided to draft a permanent investigation memorandum in order to clarify the full contents of the mother’s identity, consider the accused’s act as a felony, Article 508 penalties and issue an arrest warrant in absentia.

The aforementioned article stipulates that the accused shall be punished with imprisonment for a period of ten years at most. Whoever resorted to cruel ruses or benefited from a person’s illness in his body or soul and committed an indecent act with him.

But if the act was committed by a minor under the age of fifteen, the perpetrator shall be sentenced to temporary hard labor.

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