A Lebanese woman in sexy clothes sleeps in the middle of the highway and cuts it off to protest the fuel crisis (video) | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


A video clip was spread on the communication sites in Lebanon, which sparked widespread controversy, as it showed a Lebanese woman in sexy clothes as she spreads and crosses the public street in protest against the fuel crisis.

According to the widely circulated clip that was monitored by (Watan), the woman appeared in black clothes that revealed most of her body, and spread out on the ground where she slept on the asphalt and did not allow cars to pass.

A Lebanese woman cuts the street to protest the fuel crisis

A number of motorists got out of their cars and talked to her in an attempt to persuade her to leave and start the traffic.

However, their attempts were unsuccessful, and the woman insisted on her position and said: “I want to cut it here.”

The fuel crisis in Lebanon

Today, Tuesday, fuel prices in Lebanon rose, after the release of the fuel price schedule according to the support price (3900 Lebanese pounds per dollar), amid a huge fuel crisis in the country, according to the Lebanese “MTV” and Russia today.

It is noteworthy that Lebanon is witnessing the worst economic crisis in its modern history, as the Lebanese currency has lost about 90% of its value.

It broke a record low earlier this month, which amounted to 18,000 pounds to the dollar on the black market, while the official exchange rate for the dollar is still 1,507 pounds.

A severe crisis in Lebanon

Lebanon is witnessing a fuel shortage crisis, as the government suffers from a shortage of hard foreign currencies needed to secure fuel and support imports that include most of the country’s basic commodities and medicines, the Lebanese “MTV” and Russia today.

It should be noted that there is a crisis in the formation of the Lebanese government, as Prime Minister Saad Hariri was assigned to form the Lebanese government in October 2020, but the process of forming a government and appointing ministers has stalled so far due to the lack of agreement on inter-sectarian quotas over ministers.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Saudi Foreign Minister Faisal bin Farhan met yesterday, Tuesday, to discuss files of common interest, which are related to the situation in Lebanon.

They agreed that Lebanon’s political leaders will demonstrate real leadership by implementing long-awaited reforms to stabilize the economy and provide much-needed relief to the Lebanese Prime Time Zone.

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