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A loud scandal for prominent officials in Iraq with sensitive sites and urgent action | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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The Iraqi authorities said today, Monday, that the judiciary has issued arrest warrants against Iraqi officials in Babel Governorate, south of the country, after a corruption scandal.

The Iraqi Judicial Authority said that the warrants were issued against the officials accused of financial and administrative corruption involved in them.

Corruption scandal and the Supreme Judicial Council

In a statement, the Iraqi Supreme Judicial Council said that the Court of Integrity Investigation in Babil issued during the period (from mid-January to the end of March) more than 13 arrest warrants against senior officials in cases of financial and administrative corruption.

Noting that “the notes were issued against former governors and general managers.”

For his part, an Iraqi official, who preferred not to be named, revealed that “the officials against whom the warrants were issued are involved in major corruption deals. Some of them are fake contracts. ”

He explained, “These are linked to the parties of the authority, and have exercised tasks in high-ranking positions for several years, and that some of them are still in service.” However, some others have been outside the country for several years, and the possibility of arresting them is not easy.

The Iraqi official pointed out that “the Integrity Commission performs its work and issues arrest warrants from time to time in accordance with the corruption files that are investigated.”

Corruption files

However, there is great pressure on the commission from some influential parties, which want to close the corruption files that have implicated their officials.

The state of corruption within Iraqi institutions is one of the most dangerous files the country suffers from, which results in weakness in the performance of institutions. Iraqi in most of the provinces.

The Iraqi authorities issue from every time to the last summon orders to ministers and officials for investigation about corruption cases. However, most of these investigations were futile and were not made public.

The Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, had previously formed a permanent committee to investigate corruption cases headed by a high-ranking officer.

Also participating in the committee are representatives of sensitive security agencies, such as the intelligence and national security services.

While the Counter-Terrorism Service is responsible for implementing the judiciary decisions related to the work of the committee.

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