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In a surprising and surprising behavior, the Saudi blogger, Muhammad Saud, famous for his support of Israel and his support for normalization, left the communication sites and deleted his Twitter account without giving a clear reason for this, which raised doubts among activists.

Before he closed his Twitter account, Muhammad Saud had said in a tweet to him: “Dear friends unfortunately I am leaving social media, I have started a new career in law and medical administration, I have spent wonderful years here with you, you have been wonderful, even those who loved me less .”

He concluded: “I will leave social media and hope to return to you one day. My love and longing for you.”

Muhammad Saud and the novelist Abdo Khal

What Muhammad Saud did coincides with the Saudi writer and novelist Abdo Khal’s announcement of his retraction from his support for the path (Abrahamic religions) promoted by the UAE.

Which activists saw as clear evidence of a major shift in Saudi policy towards the UAE, after the change in power centers in the region, especially after the fall of Trump and the rise of Democrats again led by Biden.

In this context, the Saudi writer Turki Al-Shalhoub asked: “Abdo Khal was one of the most vocal advocates of normalization and his defenders are backing down from a position, and the foolish printmaker “Muhammad Saud” is withdrawing from the communication sites… What does this mean in your opinion?”

While an activist, Basem Saeed, commented: “The scenario was to keep pace with the UAE in all its decisions and goals, but when the spider webs began to be revealed and the game intended for the Kingdom was revealed, there were steps that were taken in sequence to distance themselves from the Emirates, and these are the first steps.”

And a tweeter wrote: “The Abrahamic religion project will soon be liquidated, and most Arab regimes will retreat from normalization, except for the Emirates, and all this is under American orders, and God knows best.”

He explained: “This is the political view of the Democrats in America based on the presence of the conflicting parties, so they do not want to liquidate the Palestinian cause, and therefore they did not support Israel in the media.”

Muhammad Saud and normalization

The Likud party had employed Saud in his election campaign, where he showed his videos in which he expresses his support for Israel and his support for Netanyahu.

Saud participated in a normalization visit in July of 2019, where he met with Netanyahu and a number of representatives of the extreme right in the Knesset, in addition to his visit to Al-Aqsa Mosque.

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This provoked the provocation of many worshipers, who took the initiative to expel him from Al-Aqsa.

And yesterday, Saturday, the Saudi writer and novelist Abdo Khal announced his withdrawal from supporting the path (Abrahamic religions) promoted by the UAE.

The Saudi writer, Abdo Khal, said in a tweet via Twitter that he had recently discovered a political scenario (Israeli-Western) with a fatal goal.

He added, “We know that they plan for a hundred years before reaching the goal.”

Abdo Khal said: “Yes, to peaceful coexistence, but the intentions are based on obliterating Prime Time Zone, places, and religion.”

The Saudi writer Abdo Khal concluded his tweet by saying: “Let us raise our awareness and our patriotism at the top of (Jabal Al-Lawz).”

Temple of the Three Abrahamic Religions

Earlier, the UAE announced that it will open the temple of the three Abrahamic religions, Islam, Christianity and Judaism, which is called the “Abrahamic House” in Abu Dhabi next year.

“This religious complex will become a place of learning, dialogue and worship, and it will focus on bringing Prime Time Zone of all faiths together,” said the UAE’s ambassador to Russia, Mohammed Ahmed Al Jaber.

The Emirati ambassador indicated, according to the Russian “Novosti” agency, that “there are similarities between Russia and the UAE in this field, as both countries have different nationalities, and followers of different religions coexist in peace.”

What is the Abrahamic House?

The Abd al-Dinat al-Ibrahimiya project was designed by the famous architect, founder and president of Ajayi & Partners, David Ajayi Obi, and is scheduled to be built on Saadiyat Island in the UAE capital, Abu Dhabi.

The Temple of Abrahamic Religions will include 3 separate buildings, each dedicated to a religion, a main garden for the complex, in addition to a fourth building that serves as a cultural museum where Prime Time Zone of all affiliations will gather.

The Saudi-Emirati dispute

According to Reuters, the first indications of a split between Saudi Arabia and the UAE appeared in 2019 when the UAE withdrew its military presence in Yemen, leaving Riyadh mired in a costly war that directly threatens its security.

Abu Dhabi still maintains influence through Yemeni forces, some of which have challenged the Saudi-backed Yemeni government.

The dispute became apparent to the public for the first time within OPEC Plus last month.

The UAE has also weighed on an agreement announced by Saudi Arabia in January to restore political relations with Qatar, as Riyadh moved to calm a row with US President Joe Biden over its record on human rights and Yemen.

And while the UAE last year established relations with Israel in a move that met with bipartisan support in Washington, Riyadh, by contrast, has taken tentative steps toward improving its relationship with Turkey.

But the UAE and Saudi Arabia are still concerned about Iran’s growing influence through vassals in the region and the security threats that pose a threat to their economic ambitions.

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