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A malicious Emirati scheme .. Bin Zayed made a tempting offer to Hariri, but he did not answer it A nation is tweeting out of tune


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In an effort to garner enough support to form his new government, Saad Hariri, the president charged with forming the Lebanese government, moves between the Arab Gulf states.

After his visit to Doha and his meeting with the Emir of Qatar, Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, Hariri moved to visit Abu Dhabi, to meet Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed.

According to what was quoted by the “Arabi Post” newspaper, informed sources, of what took place in Bin Zayed’s meeting with Hariri, Abu Dhabi decided to support Hariri financially.

The Emirati support for Hariri comes in order to facilitate his affairs related to his political and social institutions, in light of the case of “Saudi abandonment”.

And according to what the source said to the newspaper, Abu Dhabi proposed to Hariri to become the headquarters of his family instead of Riyadh, which the family has lived in for twenty years.

However, Hariri did not accept or reject this offer.

The source added that Hariri asked bin Zayed about Saudi Arabia’s position on assigning him to form the government and his ability to provide support to his government. In the event that it is formed in the next stage.

Ibn Zayed’s response was that Saudi Arabia’s position “they formed the government in order to build on what follows it”.

Bin Zayed told Hariri that the Saudi leadership is intensively following up with the Lebanese file through the Emirates and Cairo, in addition to continuing to do so. With the French on this.

The informed source confirmed that the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Mohammed bin Zayed, assured Saad Hariri of the Arab countries ’adherence to” clear conditions. “

These conditions were for the government to be a true reflection of the reform.

And not to give any political party the majority of obstruction, which in turn will reinforce the logic of victory for a party over the internal state decision.

The relationship between the Emirates and Hariri is developing

The meeting that brought together bin Zayed with Hariri reflected a positive development in the relationship between the UAE and Hariri.

This development of the relationship came after a break that lasted for more than a year and a half between them.

According to the source, the positive development between the two sides contributed to the French administration, which succeeded in improving the relationship between Hariri and Abu Dhabi.

Until the UAE turned into a stopover for the Lebanese Prime Minister-designate on his regional tours.

Qatar supports Hariri

On the Qatari side, according to the newspaper’s sources, Hariri’s meetings in Doha were of a positive nature, during which Qatar prepared with the help of Lebanon.

However, Doha stipulated that Hariri form a “mission” government that would set its sights on undertaking reforms that would restore international and Arab confidence in Lebanon.

According to what researcher and political analyst Rabei Dandashli said about Hariri’s foreign visits, they “fall within the framework of restoring the Hittite town. In foreign relations after a rift that lasted for years between Hariri and the Arab countries.

He continued: “Specifically, Riyadh and Abu Dhabi, especially that he has no official capacity except that he is the president who was appointed after the apology of Ambassador Mustafa Adib.”

Dandashli believes that Hariri’s visits are “an attempt to bring proactive support after the Arab and international rupture with Lebanon, which began after the presidential settlement.”

And that, according to him, brought President Michel Aoun to the presidency, to ensure the success of his government in its rescue missions after the deterioration of the situation in the country, especially on the economic and social level.

Hariri in Beirut

According to sources reported, Hariri, who returned yesterday evening, Monday, February 22, 2021, from Abu Dhabi, received a call from the official in charge of the Lebanon file. In the French administration, Patrick Durrell, who wished Hariri to visit the President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, and to re-discuss the government with him.

Hariri’s response was that he would visit the presidential palace at noon on Wednesday, February 24, after he met with Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, and put him in the picture of the external situation.

The source confirmed that Hariri will visit Kuwait and Iraq after Doha and Abu Dhabi, in addition to preparations for his visit to Germany to meet the chancellor. Angela Merkel early next month.

Hariri will also visit Britain to meet with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

According to the sources, Germany and Britain had aspired to convert the French initiative into a European initiative, but it collided with a French refusal, which aspires. To re-impose its presence in Beirut.

Russia in Lebanon

The source said that it is possible that there will be a visit by a high-ranking Russian diplomat, envoy of President Vladimir Putin, to Lebanon during the next week.

This visit will be an attempt by Moscow to heal the rift between the President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, and the president charged with forming the government, Saad Hariri.

The source confirms that this delegate comes based on coordination between Moscow and Paris.

And that the Russian position that the delegate will hold comes from the matter of advice and wish, to the public position in support of Hariri in forming a government. “Missions” in which all parties are represented.

That is, Moscow is against excluding any political party from naming non-partisan ministers, provided that no one has a blocking third in the government.

Because experiences in the past were the best evidence, that with the blocking third, the government is obstructed, and no decision or reform action can be taken, and thus the country is plunged further into its crises.

Hariri denies what was broadcast by “OTV”

On the government file, informed sources told the newspaper that what was broadcast by the OTV channel affiliated with President Michel Aoun’s movement.

Which said that Hariri agreed to a government of 22 ministers, and for Aoun to have a share of 6 ministers.

Representative Talal Arslan, leader of the Druze opposition in Lebanon, holds the second Druze seat.

This prevents someone from getting the blocking third.

The sources said that all that is published about Hariri’s approval of a government of 22 ministers is merely wishes or analyzes far from reality.

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