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Several Jordanian accounts on social media reported that the authorities had implemented a massive campaign of arrests among Jordanian teachers to stop their peaceful protest, which they began, Wednesday, by walking to participate in the symbolic event titled “The Union’s Salute.”

According to the “Jordanian Net” account on Twitter, the arrest campaign has so far included a number of teachers in the Karak and Maan governorate, including Vice Captain Dr. Nasser Al-Nawasra, the head of the Karak branch, Qaid Al-Lasasmah, and a member of the branch, Tariq Al-Bustanji, Nidal Al-Haysa and Taysir Al-Hamayda.

Arrest of teachers in Jordan

In addition to Sufian Al-Habashneh, Faris Al-Jizawi, Admiral Hillel, Saeed Maqalah, Mahmoud Al-Nuaimat, Muhammad Al-Shammari, Muhammad Al-Qudah and others.

On the arrest of union activists in the march on foot, activist Kifah Abu Farhan, a member of the Teachers Syndicate, said, in media statements, that there are security restrictions and closing points and checking the identities of teachers at the entrances to the southern governorates, in order to prevent their arrival in the capital, Amman, to participate in the march.

Abu Farhan pointed out that the arrested teachers were contacted by mobile phones.

However, it was closed, and it was not possible to know any other information about the decision or the reasons for their arrest and detention by the governor of Karak.

Abu Farhan A. also confirmed that the march continues, which is individual initiatives on foot with the raising of the Jordanian flag, in order to salute in front of the union’s main headquarters in the capital, Amman.

It is noteworthy that the pedestrian marches of the teachers will be launched in solidarity with their union, and in support of their colleagues who fought over their livelihoods and their legitimate and acquired rights through early retirement and deposition.

teachers protest

From the early hours of the morning, Jordanian teachers began walking, on Wednesday, to participate in the symbolic event entitled “The Salute of the Syndicate” towards the headquarters of the Syndicate in Amman.

This is in solidarity with their union and in protest against the decisions of referral, deposition and retirement.

A number of teacher activists confirmed that the walking march is fixed on time and will not change despite the arrest of some of them.

Stressing that the rights of teachers will not be subject to statute of limitations and will not be erased with a stroke of a pen, and their protest against the decisions of referral, deposition and retirement continues until the decision maker withdraws and withdraws from it.

The latest developments in the case of sedition

In another context, lawyer Muhammad Al-Afif, deputy of Bassem Awadallah, accused of the sedition case in Jordan, said that the defense team will submit statements that include the names of the princes, the prime minister and the current foreign minister to testify in court.

Lawyer Muhammad Al-Afif, the attorney for the accused, Basem Awadallah, said in a statement carried by the Jordanian “Kingdom” channel, that “the defense committee will submit, on Wednesday, statements that include the names of princes, including Prince Hamzah bin Al-Hussein (the former crown prince), Ashraf, the current prime minister, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriate Affairs to testify. “.

He added that “the court has a decision to accept or reject the request to hear witnesses.”

Today, Wednesday, the Jordanian State Security Court will hold its fourth session in the “sedition” case in Jordan, in which the two accused, Bassem Awadallah and Sharif Hassan bin Zaid, are being tried.

Last Sunday, the defense team submitted the written statement, according to what Al-Afif confirmed, noting that “the commission will request about 27 witnesses in the next session, and princes’ request for testimony is not excluded.”

The court affirmed, earlier, its keenness to quickly resolve the issue of destabilizing Jordan, which has become known as the “sedition” case, and to determine the legal centers of the accused, in order to reveal the truth, and resolve the controversy over its circumstances and circumstances, with a judicial decision that will be the title of the truth.

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