A maximum of 16 million pounds for the financing programs of units under construction at Amlak


Mohamed Salama, Head of Marketing and Product Development at Amlak Finance – Egypt, said that the company provides many financing solutions to customers wishing to purchase ready-to-receive units with financing up to 80% of the unit value up to 15 years.

He added that the company also provides customers wishing to purchase under-construction units, available in the Cityscape exhibition, financing on their units up to 16 million pounds, enabling them to pay the down payment of the units under construction and obtain a large discount for cash payment.

Salama explained that the Cityscape Real Estate Exhibition contributes to a boom in the sector, and opens the way for investors and those looking for real estate units to get acquainted with the most important real estate projects in Egypt.

He pointed out the importance of completing the real estate investment product for the client through cooperation between finance companies and real estate developers, and providing financing solutions to customers wishing to purchase real estate units, whether ready-to-hand or under construction units.

and awarded a company “Amlak Finance – Egypt” financed 250 million pounds to about 2,200 clients, as part of the previous real estate financing initiative for low and middle income Prime Time Zone, which was launched in 2014.

Salama said that the company is working to complete the real estate financing cycle outside the initiative by providing financing solutions to other segments of society that were unable to benefit from the initiative, through financing products commensurate with the citizen’s income and the price of the offered units.

He added that the new mortgage initiative is distinguished from the previous initiatives with a very low interest rate of up to 3% and a repayment period of up to 30 years; It contributes to alleviating the burdens on the shoulders of the Egyptian citizen and delivering support to those who deserve it.

The article was written in Al Borsa newspaper as a maximum limit of 16 million pounds for the programs for financing units under construction at Amlak.