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A Mexican restaurant owner named “Marcelo Boucher”, an Argentine fan and lover of the late Argentine football legend “Diego Maradona”, announced the conversion of his restaurant into a church bearing the player’s name.

Maradona and the Church

According to press reports, football legend Diego Maradona died on the birthday of his son Marcelo, which the Mexican considered a sign from heaven, so he decided to convert his restaurant into a church in the name of Maradona.

The Argentine football legend, “Maradona”, died on the 25th of November last year, at the age of 60, in a hospital in Argentina, where he is hugely popular with the fans of the world of football.

Church conversion

And the church was turned into a museum filled with pictures of Maradona from his childhood to pictures of meetings with the late Cuban leader “Fidel Castro and Pope Francis.”

And press reports indicated that the floor of the church is covered with artificial grass, with chairs placed on both sides, decorated with the shirts of different clubs in which Maradona played, as well as national teams from all over the world.

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The church is the second of its kind in the world. In Argentina, there is the first church in Rosario, which was established by fans of the late football legend Maradona in 1998 AD.

His football career

Maradona played for many international clubs during his professional career on the European continent, such as Barcelona, ​​​​Sevilla, the Spanish and the Italian club Napoli, as well as Argentine Boca Juniors.

Maradona led Argentina to the World Cup title against England in 1990, while Maradona decided to retire from football in 1997.

Maradona’s death

The legend Maradona died of a heart attack on the 25th of last November, weeks after he underwent brain surgery due to a blood clot.

On the eighth of last March, nine experts, including the doctors who participated in the autopsy of Maradona’s body, were summoned to stand before the public prosecutor in the Argentine capital.

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