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Tunisian actress Dalanda Abdo was surprised to be prevented from leaving a military hospital in Tunisia where she receives treatment, unless all costs have been paid.

Urgent surgical intervention

And the website of the Tunisian TV channel (Nesma) quoted Aisha Abdo, who is Abdo’s sister’s daughter, as saying that her aunt is in a difficult health condition and needs urgent surgical intervention.

Aisha Abdo added: (Doctors confirmed that the surgery would be dangerous for my aunt Dalanda Abdo’s health due to her advanced age.

In a television interview, Aisha Abdo confirmed that the Tunisian Presidency had intervened, at the request of the family, in favor of Dalanda and took over the transportation of her to the military hospital in the capital.

The military hospital demanded to pay the bill!

Aisha indicated that after providing the necessary treatment to her aunt, the artist, in the hospital and diagnosing her health and illness, the administration of the military hospital asked her family to redeem the bill, despite the Presidency of the State confirming that she was responsible for all treatment expenses in the said hospital.

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Aisha Abdo explained that the administration of the military hospital had booked her aunt’s treatment book until the costs of treatment and accommodation were paid.

Dilanda’s sister’s daughter demanded that a specialized doctor be assigned to take care of her aunt’s health condition, and treat her at her home without having to take her to the hospital. She sent a distress call to the Presidency of the Republic of Tunisia and the Ministry of Culture to work on this.

Tunisian President visits Dalanda Abdo

Last August, Tunisian President Kais Saied visited Dalanda Abdo at her home, on the occasion of the National Women’s Day.

The visit of Kais Saied to the Tunisian actress came with the aim of checking on her health condition, and in honor of her for what she provided to the cultural scene in Tunisia and the Arab world.
At that time, the President of Tunisia exchanged conversations with Dalanda and recalled many famous roles of characters from theatrical and television works that she presented, especially the series “Tales of the Late Abdel Aziz Laroui” and the series (Shahed Shop).
At that time, the President of the Tunisian Republic valued what Dalanda presented to the Tunisian cultural and artistic scene, and the lightness of spirit and artistic abilities that made her succeed in winning the love of the public, whether through her theatrical, television or cinematic works.

Visit Muhammad Zine El Abidine

Dalanda Abdo has been staying at home for years due to the illness that afflicted her, and the Tunisian Minister of Culture, Mohamed Zine El Abidine, visited her in 2019 at her home in the European neighborhood of Tunis to check on her health, especially as she was going through a critical period at the time.
In a statement at the time, the minister said that Dalanda Abdo had shone in the sky of art, and left her mark in it, and her name stuck in the national memory.

Dalanda Abdo had complained about her fellow actresses and colleagues denying her after illness kept her at home for years, and she said that few Prime Time Zone ask about her and visit her.

The Tunisian actress also complained more than once about the Ministry of Culture’s ignoring her, not paying attention to her, and contributing to her costly treatment expenses.

At that time, the Tunisian Minister of Culture, Mohamed Zine El Abidine, ordered on the occasion of his visit to her, financial assistance to help her with the costs of treatment.

A house in the name of the state for Dalanda Abdo

The former Tunisian Minister of Culture, Hedi Mabrouk, had previously visited Dalanda Abdo at her home in 2014, and informed her of the Prime Minister’s support for her and his affirmation of his full readiness to provide all forms of care and support necessary for her.

The former home of Delanda, in the Lafayette neighborhood in the center of Tunis, had a gas tube exploded and completely burned.

The former Tunisian president, Habib Bourguiba, sympathized with her when he learned of this, especially as he was fond of theater and radio and admired their roles. He gifted her in the name of the state a new house, which she is currently residing in in the Olympic district of Tunis.

About Dalanda Abdo

It is worth noting that Dalanda Abdo is her artistic name, while her real name is Khaira Al Gharbi. She was born in Tunis in 1928, and she is now 92 years old.

Since her childhood, Dalanda showed a fondness for theater, and the Tunisian artist Al-Bashir Al-Rahhal helped her realize her dream of entering the artistic scene.

Among the most important works of Dalanda Abdo are the role of (Hanani) in the series Shahid Mahal, the role of (Salouha) in the series (Saleh and Salha) and her role in (The Story of the Grasshopper) and (The Bird) (a tale from the tales of Abdul Aziz Al-Arawi), in addition to several other theatrical and cinematic works.

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