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A mixed party in Riyadh provokes an uproar .. Dancing, striptease and drugs! (watched) | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


Activists circulated on social media, a video of a mixed party in the capital, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Hashish and naked clothes at a mixed party in Riyadh

And the circulating video, which was monitored by Watan, shows a group of girls in semi-naked clothes, documenting the moment they went to the mixed party, with cigars and hashish in their hands.

Then the girls appear in the video, which one of them documented through her account on (Snapchat), in a closed place with a group of young Prime Time Zone, and the party begins, which includes dancing and drinking alcohol.

Tweeters deplore

The footage circulated sparked widespread anger among the tweeters, so it came in the comments under the hashtag #Party_and Mixing_Riyadh: (Those who did not see the children of Satan see them as equals to my party, but they hide the centuries).

Another wrote: (Unfortunately, some women have young minds and run after trivialities and trivial matters).

Another demanded that they be arrested, saying: (God suffices us, and He is the best agent. Soon, God willing, they have been arrested. We say Lord).

Another affirmed the Saudi Prime Time Zone’s rejection of what is happening: (God is sufficient for us, and He is the best agent. The Prime Time Zone reject this decadence and estrangement. Oh God, we are proud of them and those who supported them).

Another questioned: (They reassured us about the Attorney General, whether he was arrested or not).

In the same way, another wrote: (Where are the competent authorities for prostitutes.. As for men, when their tongues slip in two hours, they are arrested?).

Another attacked the women at the party, saying: (Bodies are very cheap and carcasses are scattered. Only crows fall on them, which fall only on dirt and dirt dumped in the dunghills, may God bless you).

Another predicted the worst in the future: (Soon the party will be on the streets in public, and you are confused about the choice).

Last May, Saudi Arabia witnessed a similar incident when a video clip of a dance party for some social media celebrities blew up a wave of anger in the country, amid calls for them to be held accountable and to stop their practices contrary to the morals of society.

And the video circulating at the time shows some famous social media Prime Time Zone celebrating in a special place on the occasion of documenting their personal accounts, and they brought a foreign women’s band in bold clothes and more daring performances.

The footage circulated sparked widespread anger among the Saudis, who saw that the behavior of celebrities was contrary to customs and traditions, and contrary to Saudi values, except for their violation of the restrictions imposed on gatherings due to the Corona virus crisis, expressing their anger under the hashtag #Famous_Celebrities_in Saudi Arabia.

At the time, Saudi lawyer Fayez Al-Anzi called on the concerned authorities to stop the abuses and negative practices of social media celebrities.

Al-Enezi said in an intervention on the (Al-Ikhbaria) satellite channel, that there is a need for direct, explicit texts to regulate celebrity ads and their content; The negatives of what is happening in social media outweigh the positives.

Al-Enezi stressed the importance of stopping the advertisements made by celebrities of both sexes on medical facilities, despite the fact that some of them do not have licenses, adding that trafficking in human lives is something that should not be tolerated.

Move against the scandalous dance party

Subsequently, Saudi media reported that the competent authorities acted immediately and are working to seize those who participated and photographed the indecent clips in the Kingdom.

According to the Saudi (Al-Ikhbariya) channel, the authorities are now conducting an extensive investigation into the clips of the scandalous dance party in Saudi Arabia to find out their source and arrest all those who participated in and promoted them.

Swedish Reem!

At the time, news spread about the authorities’ arrest of the Saudi fascist, Reem Al-Suwaidi, along with other celebrities such as Ziad Al-Misfer, Samer Al-Khal and Areej Al-Abdullah.

And the name of Reem Al-Suwaidi had topped the search engines in Google and Twitter, after the spread of a scandalous video clip of her with the participation of a number of famous social media.

And accounts via (Snapchat) stated that Reem Al-Suwaidi is responsible for the entire ceremony, calling on the official authorities to intervene.

Although Saudi media revealed that the competent authorities immediately acted and worked to arrest everyone who participated and photographed the indecent clips, but the arrest of Reem Al-Suwaidi has not been confirmed by an official body.

Semi-naked clothes and dancing at a hardcore party

A leaked video also documented a scandalous party in one of the regions of Riyadh.

The video shows girls in daring clothes dancing in front of a group of young men who were cheering and applauding them.

In another clip from the same place, a singer appears on a stage, while the mixed audience between girls and young men dances and interacts in a scene that is alien to Saudi society.

Yarmouk neighborhood!

The tweeters wondered about the area that witnessed this ceremony, and it turned out that it is in the Yarmouk neighborhood, east of Riyadh, which is considered its largest neighborhood.

Reactions to the clip varied, with some of them trying to confirm that it was not in Riyadh as determined via Google Maps, and most of them attacked and criticized the changes taking place in the Kingdom during the reign of King Salman bin Abdulaziz.

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