A Moroccan delegation in Tel Aviv at the order of King Mohammed VI for this mission | A nation is tweeting out of tune


Israeli TV revealed that a Moroccan delegation is on its way to Tel Aviv, in order to start operating the Moroccan Liaison Office in Israel.

This comes on the heels of the normalization agreement signed by King Mohammed VI, with the occupying entity under Emirati orders and American support. In exchange for Washington’s recognition of Morocco’s sovereignty over the disputed Sahara.

For its part, Moroccan media reported that the Moroccan Foreign Minister, Nasser Bourita, announced, on Sunday, that a delegation from his country would arrive in Israel, later today.

Bourita explained that this comes to initiate arrangements for opening the Moroccan Liaison Office in Tel Aviv.

It is noteworthy that the statements of the Moroccan Foreign Minister, Nasser Bourita, came during a press conference held in Rabat.

He said, “The delegation expected to arrive in Israel today, will prepare to give the official launch of this office.”

On the date of the opening of the Moroccan Liaison Office in Tel Aviv, the Moroccan minister stressed that the matter is linked to the development of the epidemiological situation associated with the Coronavirus.

Bourita also indicated that Morocco appointed an acting head of this office, without mentioning his name.

In December 2020, Israel and Morocco reached an agreement to normalize bilateral relations.

Betrayal normalization

The treacherous normalization agreement came within an initiative that includes, according to a joint statement issued at the time, “the licensing of direct flights between Morocco and Israel. Including by Israeli and Moroccan airlines, with authorization of rights to use the airspace.

As well as “the immediate resumption of full official contacts between Israeli officials and their Moroccan counterparts. And the establishment of full, peaceful and friendly diplomatic relations.

On January 26, the Israeli Foreign Ministry said in a statement that David Guverin arrived in the Moroccan capital, Rabat. To take over the position of head of the Israeli mission in Morocco.

At the end of last year, Israel, Morocco and the United States announced the decision by Tel Aviv and Rabat to resume diplomatic relations. That stopped in the year 2000, following the outbreak of the second Palestinian intifada in September of the same year.

Hisham Al-Alawi: Morocco and Israel … the dangerous deal

An opinion article published by Prince Hisham Al-Alawi, the cousin of King Mohammed VI of Morocco, surprised many, especially as he mentioned that “normalization of relations”. Between Morocco and Israel should not be based on barter and bargaining for the recognition of Morocco’s sovereignty over the Sahara. Because both issues have their own peculiarities and political dimensions. In reference to the Palestinian cause.

The newspaper was published. Novell Observator “The article, titled “Morocco and Israel… the Dangerous Deal,” highlighted that “the solution to the Sahara conflict. It can not be done in any way except in the perspective of democracy and respect for international law.

He added, “Although the two issues are of the colonial heritage, each of them has its own peculiarities, and that the context and circumstances of the Sahara file are not at all similar to the tragedy of the Palestinians. “Those who are not citizens of Israel, while the Sahrawis are Moroccan citizens, although some reject this situation.”

Hisham Al-Alawi criticizes the bargaining

Hicham Al-Alawi strongly criticized what he considered a “compromise,” highlighting that “the matter sparked severe criticism in various circles, accusing Morocco of exploiting the conditions of two peoples without a state. (Morocco will sell the Palestinians in exchange for recognition of its sovereignty over the Sahara, whose final status has not yet been determined by the international community).

A cousin of the King of Morocco emphasized that “both cases present their own challenges.”

Adding that “the main task of Morocco is to solve every conflict in the fairest way. It must be recognized that the American declaration constitutes an important political initiative, but it cannot amend international law.”

It’s up to Biden’s presidency

“It is up to the Biden presidency to decide whether to renew, change or reject this recognition,” Hisham Al-Alawi pointed out.

He added, “The Moroccan monarchy has maintained, for years, fruitful channels of communication with Israel, ranging from informal diplomacy to security cooperation. The latter has sometimes led to horrific events such as the Bin Barka case.

Hisham Al-Alawi stressed that “the annexation of Palestine by Israel makes any future nationality impossible.

He explained, “It deprived it of self-government, in violation of the Oslo Accords, which were based on the establishment of mutual trust in the perspective of establishing a Palestinian state.”

Whereas Morocco’s policy in the Sahara – according to Alaoui – falls within a different framework, as Morocco now offers citizenship. It can recognize autonomy and self-management in the future.

The emir also indicated that Moroccan Jews who immigrated to Israel after its establishment maintained cultural and religious ties with their homeland.

On this basis, King Hassan II was the first Arab president to meet with Nahum Goldman, president of the World Jewish Congress in 1970.

The report of the agency “Anatolia“Turkish, the light on the reasons that will lead to Morocco losing economically from normalization with Israel, more than it will achieve in terms of gains.

The report said that many questions were raised after the signing of the normalization agreement in Rabat, four agreements on the sidelines of the signing. An agreement to resume relations between the two countries under American auspices.

Four economic agreements

According to the report, the four agreements signed on the sidelines of the first visit by Israeli and American delegations via a direct flight. Between Tel Aviv and Rabat, in the economic, commercial and tourism fields. According to a statement by the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The first agreement relates to exemption from visa procedures for holders of diplomatic and service passports. While the second is a memorandum of understanding in the field of civil aviation, and the third is a memorandum of understanding on “innovation and water resource development”.

The fourth agreement provides for the revival of economic relations between the two countries, through trade and investment. In addition to negotiating other agreements that frame these relationships.

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