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The Israeli journalist and researcher, Eddie Cohen, caused a wave of controversy after allegations that he expected a new coup attempt in Jordan, against King Abdullah II.

Eddie Cohen said in a tweet to him through his official Twitter account, which was monitored by (Watan), which read: “I can smell a new coup attempt in Jordan.”

Eddie Cohen posted a sensational tweet two days before the events in Jordan

A tweet published by the Israeli journalist Eddy Cohen two days before the events in Jordan and the detention of Prince Hamzah bin Al Hussein and the campaign of arrests that affected a number of his close associates, in the context of thwarting a plot to “destabilize the security and stability of the country with external coordination”, sparked widespread controversy.

Eddie Cohen and Prince Hamzah

Eddie Cohen said in his tweet at the time: “Information from Jordan about the intention of the half-brother of the King of Jordan, Hamza bin Nour, Lisa Al-Halabi, to try with all his might to become King of Jordan.”

“It is my information, and it was not published by the Israeli press,” Cohen told Al-Hurra about his previous tweet. I got it from intelligence agencies connected to it. I also checked it through my other sources.

The Israeli journalist added, “It is certain that this information reached Jordan, indirectly.”

“I don’t know exactly what happened,” Cohen said, “but Prince Hamzah has a role in what happened. The plot is wide-ranging and not easy.”

Eddie Cohen and the Ton Coup

More than a year ago, Eddie Cohen wrote a tweet that caused a wave of controversy among activists, as what he wrote in it was realized, and he threatened Tunisians with a military coup and chaos.

Cohen’s tweet, in which he predicted a coup in Tunisia, which he wrote specifically in October of the year 2019, read: “Watch out for a counter-revolution in green Tunisia within a year from now, by the heroic Tunisian army, and with Arab funding.”

Cohen’s tweet about his alleged coup in Jordan caused a controversy among his followers, who varied between lying and sarcastic.

One of the activists mocked him, saying: “Cohen is a new breed of dog that can detect the smell of a military coup before it happens.”

While Bisan wrote: “May God protect Jordan from the Zionists and their conspiracies and all Muslim countries.”

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Abdulaziz Al-Juhaini also ridiculed the Israeli journalist and his allegations by saying: “The most important characteristic of the dog is its strong sense of smell.”

Israeli writer Eddie Cohen talks about Kuwait

Cohen also recently sparked widespread controversy by speaking about the situation in Kuwait and fears that what was actually mentioned would come true.

Commenting on this, prominent Kuwaiti politician and former National Assembly member Nasser Al-Duwailah said that after Ed Cohen’s words were verified exactly about several events that have already occurred, “We must warn the unwary of our quarters that things are taking you towards an abyss controlled by Israel.”

Israeli academic Eddie Cohen continues to stir up controversy and confusion on social media. With his carefully chosen interventions and tweets, in order to anger and pollute the thoughts of Arab followers of his Twitter account.

It is certain that all of Cohen’s activity on social media comes within the framework of Zionist security advice from the Israeli intelligence and security services.

Jordanian attack on Eddie Cohen

Eddie Cohen was subjected to a widespread attack by the Jordanians in June of last year 2020, after he waved in a tweet the occupation of Jordan with two tanks in 3 hours.

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Cohen holds a doctorate in political science from Bar Ilan University and works as a researcher there. He was born in Beirut, where he grew up in Wadi Abu Jamil (the Jewish neighborhood), and then immigrated with his family in his childhood to the Israeli occupation state.

A few years ago, Cohen caught the attention of the Arab media with his tweets on Twitter, which often play on the chord of normalization with Arab public opinion in Arabic.

He also emerged in his contradictions and conflicts with Arab personalities, as well as the information and rumors he spreads to challenge even the Arab regimes that are normalized with Israel.

Cohen does not hide his work as an advisor to the Israeli government for years, as mentioned on his LinkedIn page.

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