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A new crime shakes Iraq … he strangled his daughter, then killed his wife, a Pepsi drink! | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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Babil Governorate, in Iraq, witnessed a heinous crime that shook the country, killing a young woman in her twenties, and her infant daughter, after the husband killed them.

Choking his daughter and putting poison to his wife

The Iraqi Ministry of Interior stated, in a statement published on its official Facebook page, that Babel police had arrested a father. He strangled his nine-month-old daughter, then poisoned his wife and killed her, according to what he claims.

The leadership explained that after receiving a police report about the presence of the body of a 21-year-old married young woman inside Imam Al-Sadiq Hospital. In the city center of Hilla, suspected of having ingested the poison, a working group was formed to search, investigate and collect information.

The Ministry of Interior indicated that suspicions were about the young woman’s husband, and judicial approvals were obtained and he was arrested.

Motives for the crime

The accused confessed to his crime during the investigation, and said that he had strangled his infant daughter and then buried the body in an agricultural area near a shrine.

The accused stated that he had poisoned his wife in a can of Pepsi drink to conceal the murder of their infant daughter after she learned about it, asserting that the motives of the crime are material.

An Iraqi kills his three children

The crime brought back to mind what happened in Iraq last month, when a citizen attacked killing His three children were hanged to death.

At the time, local media reported, according to the Iraqi Ministry of the Interior, that the crime of hanging a father of his three sons took place in the Qalat Saleh district. In Maysan Governorate, southern Iraq.

The provincial police directorate stated that after the murder occurred in Qalaat Saleh district, south of the city of Amara, as a result of the severity and importance of the accident. The provincial police chief directed to form a task force to uncover the circumstances of the accident.

The Ministry of Interior statement indicated that the father was arrested after he ran away from the house after being chased for more than an hour.

Family and drug disputes

The murderer, whose identity has not been revealed, said during the investigations that disagreements occurred between him and his wife because of his drug use. He took revenge by quickly hanging his 9 and 8-year-old sons and a 5-year-old girl.

The police indicated that the accused was transferred to the judiciary for trial as soon as “he receives a fair penalty.”

Domestic Violence Act

It is worth noting that Iraq does not yet have a domestic violence law, and it relies on legal provisions that allow husbands and fathers to discipline their children. Or the wife beating as long as it does not exceed the limits of Sharia.

Article 41 of the Iraqi Penal Code states that “There is no crime if the act (beating) is committed using a right established according to the law, and it is considered an use of the right. Disciplining a husband for his wife and disciplining parents, teachers and those of equal status, minor children within the limits of what is prescribed by Sharia, law, or custom.

Usually, the Iraqi police resort to taking pledges against the aggressor in the event that the father or mother of the victim or the husband is satisfied, and it suffices to make a reconciliation between the two parties.

In the event that the perpetrator is the father, the police force the children to return to the house, while the community police departments are specialized in receiving men and women. And the battered children, these departments work around the clock, according to the words of the Director of Family and Child Protection from Domestic Violence.

In mid-October, the United Nations Children’s Fund, UNICEF, expressed its “deep sadness and deep concern about the current continuous reports.” On violence against children in Iraq, ”noting that violence has started to escalate significantly, against children, since the beginning of the“ Corona ”pandemic in the country.

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