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In a new development that puts the ruler of Dubai, Mohammed bin Rashid, in a dilemma, the United Nations confirmed Friday that it has not yet received any evidence from the UAE government that his daughter, Sheikha Latifa, is still alive.

“We have not received any proof of this from the UAE,” the spokesman for the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Robert Colville, told reporters.

He confirmed that contacts had taken place between the High Commissioner and representatives of the United Arab Emirates in Geneva, but without any results.

The United Nations has asked for proof

On February 19, the United Nations asked Abu Dhabi to prove that the sheikha, his son, the ruler of Dubai, is the UAE prime minister. She is still alive, after video clips secretly recorded by Sheikha Latifa and broadcast by the BBC Panorama program, that she is “detained” and fears losing her life.

The BBC reported that the clips it broadcast were filmed nearly a year after Latifa was arrested and returned to Dubai.

The undated videos were broadcast at a time when Latifa’s friends expressed concern that they had stopped receiving any secret messages from her.

In a statement last month, the ruling family in Dubai stressed that Sheikha Latifa “is receiving treatment at her home,” and the UAE embassy in London said that “her situation is improving,” adding: “We hope that she will resume her public activities in a timely manner.”

Sheikha Latifa, 35, has not been seen in public since her failed attempt to flee the UAE in March 2018.

The kidnapping of Sheikha Latifa and British arms dealer

The British newspaper “Daily Mail” recently revealed what it said were horrific details about the trade-off held by the ruler of Dubai. Mohammed bin Rashid to obtain his daughter Sheikha Latifa during her escape to India several years ago.

The newspaper said that a British arms dealer was involved in a bribery scandal, which was used as part of an exchange that witnessed the detention of Sheikha Latifa. At the hands of Indian forces, her return to Dubai, where she remained a “hostage” of her billionaire father.

Sheikha Latifa, 35, announced her intention to flee her country, in a video clip posted on YouTube in March 2018. This is due to what she said was ill-treatment of her father.

Sheikha Latifa was later found on a boat off the Indian coast and returned to Dubai in April.

Exchange deal

The British newspaper said that Dubai handed over British arms dealer Christian Michel to India after only weeks. From the arrest of Latifa by Indian Special Forces off the coast of Goa in March 2018.

Latifa had a bad relationship with her father for years, which led to her trying to flee his kingdom twice.

A failed escape attempt from Sheikha Latifa

According to the newspaper, Sheikha Latifa tried to flee Dubai once in 2002 and the second in 2018, and she says she is detained. Now with her father, she was threatened with bullets if she did not cooperate.

She added, “Her sister Shamsa also tried to escape from Dubai when she was 19 years old in the year 2000, because she was. Furious that her father prevented her from attending university. And because it is disgusted with the human rights record of Dubai. ”

The newspaper added, “But Sheikha Latifa was also arrested by men working for her father in England. And it was returned to Dubai.

The sheikh denied all allegations of abuse made by his daughter, who is one of 30 sons and daughters of six wives.

The United Nations officially links the arrest of Princess Latifa to the extradition of Michel, who is accused of accepting a bribe worth 40 million. GBP ($ 55.8 million), to sell British-made helicopters to India, and has called for his release.

A report issued by the United Nations Group on Arbitrary Detention said that the charges against Michel were politically motivated. Latifa was not mentioned by name.

However, as part of her investigation into Michel’s arrest, she said: “Mr. Michel was told that his extradition was in exchange for a previous arrest of a detainee. Barz and his return to Dubai despite the detainee’s request for asylum to the Indian forces who intercepted his yacht in international waters off the coast of Goa in March 2018. ”

Details of the detention of the daughter of the ruler of Dubai

Sheikha Latifa spoke about her terrifying family in 2018, in a series of secretly recorded clips that she obtained. The British newspapers MailOnline and BBC Panorama.

The girl narrated how she was fixed on the ground and taken off the yacht, which was trying to transport her to a new life away from Dubai. Latifa was later drugged and sent back to Dubai on the orders of her father, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

Sheikha Latifa was detained in a villa that turned into a prison nearly three years ago, and he remained campaigners in the kingdom. The United States during which they demand her release.

In one haunting video, she described herself as a “hostage” with little hope of her release.

Publication of the UN report will increase pressure on Dubai authorities to take action on Latifa.

Despite its demands to provide “evidence of her life,” Dubai refused to disclose what happened to the escaped princess, and she only said. She is being cared for by her family.

India has never commented on its role in holding Sheikha Latifa and Tina Jauianen, her best friend, from the yacht. Nostromo, after eight days of trying to escape.

Written letter

Earlier, the British Broadcasting Corporation “BBC” said that the British police had received a letter that they had written. In 2019 she has the daughter of the ruler of Dubai, Sheikha Latifa bint Mohammed bin Rashid.

The British Authority stated that the written letter was delivered to the Cambridgeshire Police by friends of Sheikha Latifa. It belongs to the other daughter of the ruler of Dubai, Sheikha Shamsa.

The “BBC”, that it is the letter urges the British police to reopen an investigation into the enforced disappearance of the sheikh. Shamsa in Cambridge in August 2000 and forcibly returned to Dubai.

Sheikha Latifa expressed in the letter, according to “BBC”, her conviction that this measure may help free her sister, who is considered to be still detained in Dubai for more than two decades by order of her father.

Media isolation without trial

Sheikha Latifa wrote that her sister is being held in media isolation without being tried or charged, adding. Sheikha Shamsa was tortured by hitting her feet with sticks.

The “BBC” indicated that Sheikha Latifa wrote her letter on February 2018. To prevent disclosure of her having an opportunity. Communication with the rest of the world from her place of detention in Dubai.

Cambridgeshire police confirmed, in a statement received by the “BBC” that it had received the message. Adding that she will study it as part of the review it is currently conducting in the case, which she described as “very complex and dangerous.”

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