A new development in the case of Jaber Al-Mubarak and Khaled Al-Jarrah and the Ministers’ Court shocked them with this decision A nation is tweeting out of tune


Following up on the latest developments in the (Army Fund) case that has occupied public opinion in Kuwait, the Ministers’ Court today refused to release the former Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak, as well as the former Minister of Interior, Khaled Al-Jarrah.

Cabinet Court and Army Fund case

According to what was reported by Kuwaiti media, the Minister’s Court also decided to postpone the (Army Fund) case to the May 25 session.

The court issued an order to release one of the accused officers in the Army Fund case.

In early May, a Kuwaiti newspaper revealed that former Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak, who is being held in reserve in connection with the “Army Fund” case, submitted a communication against Yusef Badr Al-Sarawi, son of the Prime Minister’s Court.

This is due to tweets that Al-Mubarak considered insulting to him, including defamation and insult, as he linked them to the measures taken against him in the case of the Army Fund.

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“Al-Qabas” newspaper, quoting unnamed sources at the time, said: “The Attorney General, Counselor, Dirar Al-Asousi, referred the report submitted by Sheikh Jaber to take its course of investigation.)

Jaber Al-Mubarak

The sources pointed out that Sheikh Jaber and his lawyer based the complaint on other tweets on the communication sites that entered the line of inciting Yusef Al-Zarawi not to stop writing, in retaliation for what they called previous positions that Al-Mubarak took against members of the Al-Sarawi family during his presidency of the Council of Ministers.

The sources indicated Al-Mubarak’s belief that Al-Zarawi’s tweets cast a shadow over the recent measures taken against him in the case of the Army Fund, including the decision to imprison him and prevent him from traveling.

The newspaper did not disclose the contents of the defendant’s tweets in the aftermath of the conflict, while the famous “Shaheen Snape” account stated that the intended tweets “were written 7 years ago, and the crime of abuse fell by statute of limitations.”

The local account claimed that “Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak’s goal in this complaint is to transform the case into a personal dispute between him and the judge.”

In its session held on April 27, the Ministers’s Court had refused to release the defendants in the “Army Fund” case, including Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak and Khaled Al-Jarrah, former Minister of Interior and Defense, and reserved the case for consideration today, as it was postponed again to May 25.

Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak did not attend the session at the time, because he was in the hospital due to a health problem, the details of which were not revealed, and the court ordered the continuation of the ban on publication in the case.

Army Fund

The “Army Fund” case was raised in November 2019, after Nasser Al-Sabah, who was then Minister of Defense, submitted a report to the Attorney General regarding the existence of a suspicion of crimes related to public money in the army institution during the years preceding his assumption of the ministry.

The Public Prosecutor referred the report to the Ministers’ Court to investigate the case, in which the value of financial abuse amounted to about 240 million dinars (790 million dollars), in which prominent leaders including Sheikh Al-Mubarak and Sheikh Al-Jarrah were accused.

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