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A new harsh shock ahead of the match between Real Madrid and Valladolid today in the league | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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In continuing the previous streak of victories for the former champion. Real Madrid Spanish team this evening, Saturday. In a confrontation you will witness the strength and excitement of the rival Valladolid. Within the twenty-fourth week of the Spanish Premier League.

However, the Spanish royal team has received sad news for all the fans and fans of White Castle, Real Madrid.

The savior team’s top scorer, Karim Benzema, is in the starting line-up with the team due to ankle pain. Which will keep the player from the next participation in front of his opponent Valladolid.

Which reinforces the size of the difficulties facing the French coach Zidin El Din Zidane. With the Spanish “royal” team, after the number of injuries it passes on.

Which prevented a number of the main players absent from the starting line-up. As a Spanish right-back player Dani Carvajal and his compatriot Lucas Vásquez. And Belgian Hazard. As well as captain of the Mercado team Sergio Ramos, Marcelo and Valverde.

Spanish reports indicate that Benzema will be absent from the Italian team, Atalatna. In the round of 16 of the Champions League first leg next Wednesday 2020-2021 AD.

Zidane’s alternative options

The coach also uses Zidane. Amid the injuries, a lot in the Spanish Real Madrid team. By going by the emerging players of the Spanish second division youth team. Where both are scheduled to participate: 20-year-old Spanish defender Victor Chost.

As well as left-back Miguel Gutierrez, 19, and Spanish midfielder Antonio Blanco, 20, as well as in the same Spanish position. Sergio Aribas, 19 years old. In addition to 21-year-old Spanish striker Hugo Duro.

Real Madrid squad

The Spanish coach Zidane is expected to rely on the starting line-up against rival Valladolid. In the Belgian goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois.

Also at the center of the defense line will be: French Ferland Mindy. And the Spaniard Nacho. And the Frenchman Raphael Varane. Besides the Spaniard Lucas Vasquez.

And in the midfield, Luka Modric, the Croatian. And the Brazilian Casemiro. Who will rely on him as a substitute for Zidane’s absence. Next to the German, Toni Kroos.

While the team’s attack will come: the Brazilian Vinicius Junior. And the Spaniard Marco Asensio.

Valladolid lineup

Meanwhile, Spanish rival Sergio Gonzalez will play 44 years. In front of a tough opponent on both teams. He will be in Spanish goalkeeper Jordi Masip.

And in the center of the defense line will come both: the player Javier Sanchez. And the player Fernandez. As well as inserting player Pablo Hervias

In the starting line-up, Faith will be the midfield player: Oscar Plano. And the player Robin Alcaraz, along with the players Mitchell and the player Felipe.

The duo’s attack will be: The player Andre. And Shawn Weisma.

The date of the match

The match between both competitors is scheduled to be played at the home of the home side Valladolid. “Nuevo Jose Zorrilla”, which will take place this evening. At ten o’clock. Evening in Egypt and Palestine time. Lebanon, Syria. And at the eleventh hour. Evening Mecca time “Saudi Arabia”. And the State of Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain.

Conveyor channels

The match between Real Madrid, Spain, and Valladolid, will be broadcast. On the Qatari sports network, “BN Spot”, which owns the exclusive broadcast rights for the Spanish League matches this season.

The meeting events between the two teams will also be transmitted via the “beIN Sports HD 1” channel, on the Nilesat 11013 satellite, with a coding rate of 27500. And horizontal polarization. And the frequency of the wave is 8PSK. The error correction rate is 3/2.

It will also be broadcast on the “beIN Sports HD 3” channel, on the Nilesat 11013 satellite, with a coding rate of 27500. Horizontal polarization, and at a frequency of 8PSK. The error correction rate is 3/2.

Comment on the match

As scheduled, it will be according to the schedule of commentators in the Qatari “BBC Sport” channel. The Egyptian sports commentator will be Ahmed Al-Tayeb. In order to comment on the events of the meeting between competitors. In the face of bearing strength and excitement, the series of victories in the Spanish League was preserved.

Zidane and comments on Mbappe and Holland

French coach Zine Aldrin Zidane, 49, said. During a press conference before facing rival Valladolid. In the Spanish Premier League.

He said, “I watched all the matches and loved it, like anyone. I enjoy seeing good things, Mbappe and Hollande are great players. Like Cristiano, Messi and Neymar, they are the present and the future.

Zidane added, “We have signed a contract with Holland and Mbabi. Everything is done by agreement between the club and the coach, we are walking side by side, and there is a lot of information about who will come and who will leave, and this will not change.

Attracting players

Mbappe added, “He was great against Barcelona, ​​I loved seeing what he did. We know each other, I watched the match as a fan and enjoyed it. But I repeat. The next match is important and our focus is on it. ”

As Zaidan continued, “The fan has the right to express his opinion. About attracting the best players because that’s what Real Madrid stands for, the best club in the world. The doors are always open for the great players, now we have to focus on the next match. ”

A message to Peres for Mbappe

“I have not sent anything,” the French coach of Algerian origin confirmed on Mbappe. The public has the right to express their opinion, of course. We are lucky to be here. Also, of course we will continue to think about the tournaments every year. We will continue until death. “

Spanish League ranking

The Spanish team Atletico Madrid is at the top of the standings. With two matches in the Spanish League postponed with 55 points.
Real Madrid also ranks second with the same number of points, with 49 points. 8 points behind the neighboring leaders, “Atletico Madrid”, of Spain.
It also comes in third place, traditional rivals Barcelona, ​​with 46 points. And in fourth place is the Sevilla team, which presents a new performance this season. In the Spanish League, with 45 points in the table.
As in fifth place in the order, Real Sociedad with 38 points. One point difference from the sixth-placed team, Real Betis, with 36 points. He also ranks in the Spanish team, Villarreal, with 36 points. It is also ranked seventh, equal to Real Bates.

Celta Vigo and Athletic Bilbao retreat

While in the eighth place comes the Granada team. As well as the same number of points with a score of 30 points. It also comes in ninth place, Celta Vigo, with 29 points.
As for the tenth place of the Spanish ranking table. Athletic Bilbao also ranks with 28 points. One point behind the Levante team. From the Spanish ranking table of the premium class.

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