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A new leak by Prince Hamzah, published for the first time, reveals the details of the arrests campaign | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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Today, Thursday, Jordanian media published a new recording of Prince Hamzah, with a duration of 118 seconds.

The final 47-second part of the recording was published yesterday, and today the beginning of this recording, which was not published yesterday, was published. In it Prince Hamzah bin Al-Hussein about the arrests that were made against his acquaintances.

Prince Hamzah speaks at the beginning of the recording, which was not released yesterday, about the arrests of those close to him, as he heard his voice say. To whom he calls: “By God, they have arrested a large number of close associates and my acquaintances. We will see that they reach two Prime Time Zone and sell God.”

Audio Recording Prince Hamzah: We only expect to be prepared

And he continued: “But I wish everyone there is no threat to them, God forbid in any way .. And we will see the next step … with the expectation that we will only be ready.”

This is referred to as Registration It goes back to last Saturday, on the 3rd of this month, in which the arrests were made.

This is before the Chief of Staff, Yusuf Al-Hneiti, arrives at the emir’s residence to inform him of the restrictive measures against him.

As for the end of the same recording, which was published yesterday, Prince Hamzah was talking about his exclusion of physical violence and that the state is looking for an excuse to overthrow him.

Prince Hamzah said during the recording monitored by “Watan”: “Until their goals are clarified, and in the end I expect that they will have a reaction and they will have an excuse.”

He continued: “I have become the informer of all my acquaintances abroad that it is expected that they will cut off the Internet for us, for a little while, and we see that it requires a little patience. Or we have disappeared, but showing the outcome is necessary during the current period. ”

He notes that after every government statement or royal speech, a new leak spreads for the prince, who has said explicitly that he sent the recordings. To his friends and relatives abroad.

Several recordings of the Emir have spread over the past few days, most notably the dialogue that took place between him and the army commander.

In addition to a video recording that he says he is being held inside his palace.

King of Jordan: I assure you that strife has been decimated

Today, Wednesday, King Abdullah II of Jordan issued his first official comment on the crisis of his brother Prince Hamzah and the failed coup attempt. In which he was accused and announced her frustration two days ago.

The King of Jordan said in his message: “I am talking to you today, and you are the family and the clan, the object of absolute trust, and the source of determination, to assure you that strife has ended. And that we wanted to be safe and stable.

He continued, according to what was monitored by (Watan): “He will remain, God Almighty willing, secure and stable, fortified with the determination of the Jordanians, impervious to their cohesion, and the dedication of our army. The brave Arab and our security apparatus that watch over the security of the homeland.

In his message to the Prime Time Zone, the King of Jordan added: “Our country is accustomed to facing challenges. Our history has all the attacks that tried to undermine the homeland, and we got out of it stronger and more united, so perseverance over the positions has a price.

However, according to King Abdullah, “There is no price that would divert us from the right path that our fathers and grandfathers made with great sacrifices for the sake of the advancement of our Prime Time Zone. And our nation, and for the sake of Palestine, Jerusalem and its sanctities. ”

The parties to the strife were from inside and outside our one home

The King of Jordan continued in his statement: “The challenge of the past days was not the most difficult or dangerous to the stability of our country, but it was the most painful for me. Because the parties to the fitnah were from inside and outside our one home.

Adding: “And nothing comes close to what I felt in terms of shock, pain and anger, as a brother and guardian of the Hashemite family, and as a leader of this dear Prime Time Zone.”

He continued: “But there is no difference between my responsibility towards my small family and my extended family. Al-Hussein vowed to me, may God rest his soul, on the day I was born to serve you. I devoted myself to you, and I dedicate my life to continue together the march of construction and achievement in the homeland of glory, solitude, love and brotherhood.

The Jordanian king made it clear that “my first responsibility is to serve Jordan and protect its Prime Time Zone, its constitution and its laws. Nothing and no one is ahead of Jordan’s security. And stability, and necessary measures had to be taken to perform this trust.

Resigning anger and forgiving Prime Time Zone

Regarding his handling of the coup attempt file, Abdullah II said: “Our Hashemite heritage and our Jordanian values ​​were the framework in which I chose to deal with the issue, inspired by the words of the Almighty,”

Regarding his brother, Prince Hamzah bin Al-Hussein, he said: “I decided to deal with the issue of Prince Hamzah within the framework of the Hashemite family, and entrusted this path. To my uncle, His Royal Highness Prince El Hassan bin Talal.

The king indicated that his brother, Prince Hamzah, committed himself before the family to follow the path of fathers and grandfathers, to be loyal to their message, and to lay down. Jordan’s interest, its constitution, and its laws are above all other considerations.

He continued: “And Hamzah today is with his family in his palace under my care.”

Regarding other aspects, the King of Jordan noted: “It is under investigation, according to the law, until it is completed, so that its results are dealt with in context. Our state’s well-established institutions, in a way that guarantees fairness and transparency.

He pointed out that the next steps will be governed by the criterion “that governs all our decisions: the interest of the homeland and the interest of our loyal Prime Time Zone.”

Abdullah II said: “Our country is facing difficult economic challenges exacerbated by the Corona pandemic, and we are aware of the gravity of the difficulties our citizens face.”

And he continued: “We face these and other challenges, as we have always done, united, hand in hand in the large Jordanian family and the Hashemite family, to rise up. In our homeland, and we enter the second centenary of our country, cohesive, compact, we build the future that our country deserves. “

The Jordanian king concluded his message to the Prime Time Zone, saying: “Jordan, with the enthusiasm, determination and sincerity of the arrogant, will remain lofty, great in its values, will and principles. We demonstrate firmness in defense of the homeland, unity in the face of adversity, and justice, mercy and compassion in everything we do. May God protect us. Peace, mercy and blessings of God.”

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