Thursday, April 15, 2021

A new official Saudi statement regarding Bassem Awadallah .. This is what he said to reassure the King of Jordan A nation is tweeting out of tune


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Today, Tuesday, the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs denied reports that Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan has submitted a request to the Jordanian authorities to release the former head of the Jordanian royal court, Bassem Awadallah, who is arrested on charges of attempting to destabilize Jordan.

In response to a question from the American “CNN” network, she said Saudi Foreign Ministry That “the minister was in Amman to affirm solidarity. And the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s support for the Kingdom of Jordan ”.

Pointing out that “the minister did not discuss any other issues or submit any requests.”

Ayman Al-Safadi reveals the role of Bassem Awadallah

And Ayman Safadi, the Jordanian Minister of Foreign Affairs, said earlier that Awadallah was in charge of external communications in coordination. With the former Jordanian Crown Prince, Prince Hamzah bin Al-Hussein.

“Safadi” continued that the preliminary investigations confirmed the existence of communication between Prime Time Zone from the circle surrounding Prince Hamzah, which is working on passing allegations. And letters to bodies abroad, to employ them in inciting against Jordan’s security.

Safadi added, “The investigations have found links between Basem Awadallah, foreign parties and the so-called foreign opposition.” To work on employing all previous communications and activities.

To implement sinful plans to destabilize stability, and to achieve goals and intentions related to weakening Jordan’s firm position on major issues.

Al-Safadi revealed that the Jordanian authorities ’move came on the day when“ Awadallah ”was about to leave Jordan.

And about Awad Allah, he is an economist and politician who rose rapidly in the political center in the Kingdom.

He held several positions, including Director of the King’s Office in 2006, Minister of Finance and Minister of Planning.

Awadallah has a relationship with the Saudi royal palace, which was more evident in the era of Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz. And he obtained the Saudi nationality.

An American newspaper reported in 2017 that Awadallah was nominated by the UAE to work as an advisor in the Saudi royal court.

It was he who conceived the idea of ​​privatizing Aramco, on which the vision of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was based.

Awadallah was arrested along with Sharif Hassan bin Zaid and other personalities.

Prince Hamzah bin Al-Hussein, the half-brother of King Abdullah II of Jordan, was also placed under house arrest and humiliated on charges of destabilization. And Jordan’s security, according to the official Jordanian news agency Petra.

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