A new scandal for New York Governor Andrew Cuomo … a sixth woman reveals what he did to her in his office | A nation is tweeting out of tune


A new woman accused New York Governor Andrew Cuomo of molesting her and touching her inappropriately, bringing the number of women who claim he molested them to six.

New York governor rejects calls to resign

Andrew Cuomo, 63, renewed his refusal to resign from his post, amid calls from senior New York lawmakers to do so.

Cuomo, who served as governor of New York 10 years ago, confirmed during a press conference that he was not aware of the details of the new accusation. Pointing out that he will await the results of the independent investigation that is being conducted into these accusations under the supervision of State Attorney Leticia James.

According to the American newspaper “Albany Times Union”, the new victim is an employee whose name has not been revealed. She said Cuomo had touched her inappropriately at his official residence in Albany.

Cuomo harassing his aid inside his office

Although Como is very popular because of his role in the beginning of the spread of the Corona pandemic. However, he is now subjected to criticism and violent reactions from everyone after these accusations were leveled against him at a critical time, as his term ends at the end of the year 2022.

Cuomo tried to calm New Yorkers by keeping them informed of the state’s progress during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Two former assistants, Andrew Cuomo, have previously accused the latter of “sexual harassment”.

Anna Less, 35, who worked as his aide in 2013 and 2015, told the Wall Street Journal that it was during her time in his administration. The ruler forced her to do unwanted actions, and he touched her at the lower back during a reception, and kissed her on her hand.

Anna Less indicated that these actions occurred because she was working in his department. She sits at a desk near his office in the executive room, noting that she considered Cuomo’s actions a harmless flirtation, and then eventually began to view her as harassment.

Six victims!

Anna Liss mentioned that Cuomo made her feel as though she had just turned into a body rather than a professional worker. “It was not appropriate, nor anywhere,” she added. I just wished that he would take me seriously. ”

As for his other assistant, Karen Hinton, 62, she told the Washington Post that Cuomo had called her to his hotel room, and the lighting was dim. And he hugged her after they finished work, and it happened in 2000.

Hinton confirmed that she tried to get away from Como, but he pulled her back and grabbed her before she backed away and ran out of the room.

And Andrew Cuomo is also facing sexual harassment charges with his help, Lindsay Boylan, who said he kissed her on the lips without her consent, after a private meeting.

“During my more than three years as an economic consultant in his department, Cuomo would touch my lower back, my arms and my legs, and he joked on one occasion and asked me to play ‘striptease poker,’ Lindsay said. ”

A second employee of Como’s office was also accused of molesting her, Charlotte Bennett.

Calls to step down

She joined Andrea Stewart Cousins, the leader of the Democratic majority in the New York State Senate. To a number of her colleagues in the state parliament to call on Cuomo to step down.

So did her counterpart in the House of Representatives Karl Hasty, and both houses voted to withdraw the special powers of COMO, which was delegated to it last year in order to manage the epidemic crisis.

It is worth noting that Andrew Como is the 56th Governor of New York State. He has held the position since January 1, 2011 and is a member of the Democratic Party, the same position held by his father, Mario Como, who held him for three terms between 1983 to 1994.

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