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A new scandal for the UAE, the details of which were revealed by the Somali Minister of Information | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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In a new scandal against the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, the Minister of Information in the State of Somalia, Othman Abu Bakr, directed accusations against the UAE. It wants to make Somalia like Libya and Yemen by creating chaos in it.

The Somali minister’s comments came during a press conference today, Sunday, in the Somali capital, Mogadishu, in the context of commenting on the Foreign Ministry’s statement. Emirati, which Minister Abu Bakr considered incompatible with diplomatic norms.

A new scandal for the Emirates

In its statement issued on Saturday, the UAE Foreign Ministry described the Somali government as “temporary”, accusing it of using it. Violence and excessive force against civilians.

The statement of the UAE Foreign Ministry came against the background of armed confrontations that broke out in the capital, Mogadishu, last Friday, between government forces and forces. Pro-presidential candidates.

The Somali Minister of Information called on the UAE to clarify its position on its recent foreign ministry statement, which seems to not recognize the Somali government and considers it temporary.

The Somali minister said at the press conference: “The Emirati foreign exchange statement does not reflect the depth of relations between the two countries and contradicts diplomatic norms and international laws.”

He added, “The UAE wants Somalia, like Libya and Yemen, and seeks to stir up chaos, which is not acceptable to our Prime Time Zone.”

The minister stated that the Emirati statement indicates that the Somali state is not recognized.

According to Abu Bakr, this corresponds to previous statements of some personalities in the country about the absence of a state in Somalia.

He continued, “The statement confirms the suspicions that the Somali Prime Time Zone had about the UAE’s involvement in the country’s political problems over the past years.”

The UAE maintains a military base in Somalia and has major investments there.

The minister explained that the statement of the UAE Foreign Ministry brought back to Somalis’ minds the direction of the regional heads after the political agreement last September. To the UAE, and their return with new conditions in order to obstruct the political agreement, which constitutes an obstacle to holding presidential and parliamentary elections in Somalia.

On September 17, the Somali government agreed with the heads of the regions to hold parliamentary elections in November 2020.

And the presidential elections in February of this year, which did not happen.

Somalia is experiencing a state of political tension caused by disagreements between the government and regional heads and the opposition on the other hand. About details related to conducting the elections agreed upon.

These differences caused the elections to be postponed several times, without reaching a specific date for holding them, despite the many rounds of dialogue. The most recent of which was early February.

The Emirati role

Although there is no country that recognizes Somaliland, the UAE has a significant presence in this region.

In March 2018, Musa Abdi announced that the UAE would train security forces in the region as part of an agreement to establish an Emirati military base there.

He added that the base would ensure economic and security development in the country, and would be a deterrent to militant groups in the region.

In 2017, the UAE began establishing a base on a site at the Berbera airport in the region.

It was allowed to stay in it for thirty years. Berbera is located less than 300 km south of Yemen.

In 2019, DP World launched a $ 101 million project to expand Berbera Port.

Through the port, camels are exported to the Middle East, and food and other items are imported.

DP World said that the first phase of the expansion will include building a 400-meter berth and also developing a free zone and that the Shifa Al Nahda Company. Emirati is the contractor for the project.

Moussa Abdi said: “This investment in Berbera and expansion has a huge benefit for the country and the development of its economy.”

The first phase is part of the expansion agreement signed with DP World in 2016, with a total value of $ 442 million.

But the launch of the project comes amid opposition from Somalia, which is considered to be a violation of its sovereignty.

Senior officials said that such agreements override the legitimate authority of Mogadishu.

Violent clashes in the capital

On Friday, Mogadishu witnessed armed confrontations between government forces and forces loyal to the bloc of candidates in the presidential race (consisting of 14 presidential candidates). After some candidates tried to go to the “Unknown Soldier” Square, in which demonstrations were scheduled for the same day.

The bloc says that its goal is to “confront government practices” with regard to the elections, regarding the manner in which they are conducted and the committees entrusted with running the race. Among its most prominent members is the former president, Hassan Sheikh Mahmoud.

Somalia prevails in a state of political tension, as a result of disagreements between the government on the one hand, and regional leaders and the opposition on the other hand. About some details related to the mechanism of conducting parliamentary and presidential elections.

These differences led to the postponement of the elections more than once, without setting a clear date for them despite the holding of several rounds of dialogue, the last of which was early this month.

While he accused Somalia earlier, foreign powers, which he did not name, of working to “obstruct” efforts to reach a final agreement in preparation for holding elections. Presidential and parliamentary in the country.

This came in a statement by the Somali Foreign Ministry, which stated: “Despite the willingness of the Somali government and the heads of federal regions to address. Controversial issues “The influence of external forces remained an obstacle to the end of the crisis,” which could pave the way for elections.

Clashes and this is the role of the Somali government

The statement indicated that the Somali government was seeking to implement an electoral model (one vote for one person) in order to empower the Prime Time Zone. To vote in the presidential and parliamentary elections.

However, this electoral model, according to the statement, did not materialize as a result of the objection of some heads of federal regions, and in order to reach a comprehensive agreement. The government agreed to an alternative proposal to implement a (indirect) election model.

Commenting on the recent escalation of armed confrontations, the statement expressed its regret over the attempt by the mass of candidates in the presidential race to organize demonstrations. “Illegal” on the eve of negotiations between the government and the heads of federal regions in the capital, Mogadishu.

The statement indicated that Somalia “condemns and warns of some misleading information and unconfirmed statements that may sometimes support the insurgency. By entities famous for their unofficial activities in the region ”, without disclosing the entity they are seeking.

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